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Yoga or Plan B: Fish and Chips

ummm, homemade fish and chips... Saturday was one of those days where each step I took seemed out a pace and out of place with the universe. Much like a dubbed low budget foreign film,...

Jam Up and Jelly Tight: Apple Jelly Is Out of Sight!

Homemade apple jelly with chopped cranberries for one-two flavor punch. It's that time of year when I instinctively begin to ration my homemade preserves. It truly is summer captured in a jar. In the photo, I'm holding one...

Greenmantle Nursery: Vintage Apples off the Beaten Path

In my neverending quest to cover every square inch of Tall Clover with anything that bears fruit, I stumbled across a remarkable site: Greenmantle Nursery of Humboldt, California. The nursery has been in business since...
snowy window warm welcome

Tall Clover Farm: Warm Welcome on a Chilly Night

The chill of the evening cannot dissuade me from writing my first blog entry, not even at my desk upstairs. The heat in my house is most comfortable on the first floor where it remains insolent...