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big leaf maple in a sea of bluebells

Ringing in the Return of the Bluebells

Bluebells in my backyard dreamscape Outside my backdoor in the shade of a gnarled friend, the bigleaf maple The first time I recall seeing a forest floor carpeted...

Wheelbarrow Assembly or What 2.5 Hours Looks Like?

Beware of the unassembled wheelbarrow. In Cold War movies, countless spies and diabolical governments worked tirelessly toward the downfall of the good ole U.S. of A. ...
bird in the hand

A Bird in the Hand

 A little feather friend, catching his breath and soon to fly off Sometimes the universe speaks to you in subtle almost inconceivable ways and other times it has...
black locust at sunset

Moments for Pause

There are certain times in each year when a moment is marked, when a welcomed reminder of another time or season revisits you with an embrace of rediscovery, and you eagerly...

Put Down the Bottled Water, and No One Gets Hurt

Art piece?  Nah, this is just a water bottle waste receptacle in Honolulu. There was a time when the only bottled water you'd ever see, required a...

Flower Garden or Salad Bar for Deer?

Their midnight snack... My morning indigestion... We can all remember the first time the magic of Disney brought us Bambi and his ilk (or should I...

Potato Sausage Casserole: Embracing My Inner American Breakfast

Potato Sausage Casserole: Who wants breakfast? Farm fresh eggs have amazingly bright yolks. I had some friends over for breakfast last Sunday, the perfect occasion to...
bare-root tree

How to Plant a Bareroot Fruit Tree

   My Avalon Pride peach tree takes root and sprouts some shoots one year after planting. I wanted to add some peach trees to my orchard...
peach blossoms paint brush

He’s a Smooth Pollinator — When Peach Trees Need a Helping...

  Let me just say peach trees are worth the effort, and in the Pacific Northwest that's some effort. Our rainy cool climate tricks the peach into...

Yoga or Plan B: Fish and Chips

ummm, homemade fish and chips... Saturday was one of those days where each step I took seemed out a pace and out of place with...