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Goose egg, Duck egg, chicken egg

Duck, Duck, Goose…Chicken and the Egg

Behold the incredible, edible egg...I love fresh eggs, unfortunately raccoons love fresh chickens. After a four-year assault on my chicken coop, the masked bandits...
in search of Chanterelle mushrooms

Foraging for Mushrooms: Bring a Blindfold

I love Chanterelle mushrooms, the golden little fungi that appear this time of year on forest floors and grocery shelves around the Pacific Northwest. In the stores they cost about $12.99...

Simple Lives Thursday Meet Fashionably Late Friday

Boz looks concerned. I promise Boz, your dinner time will never be fashionably late.  My pal Annette over at Sustainable Eats (along with a couple of...
Opal apple

An Apple Named Opal, A Dog Named Boz

As I coasted down the steep hill to the Pt. Defiance ferry dock, actively praying that I would make the boat, the security gate which separates...

Pecans From Home: A Delicious Tradition

This year's pecans had arrived! There they were in a parcel post wedged in my mailbox like too big a zeppelin in too small a...
sprouting broccoli

Sprouting Broccoli: It’s a Keeper

There's broccoli and there's sprouting broccoli, a cousin to the bulked-out broc we tend to knock. After some British friends of mine sang its praises,...
candied orange peels

Orange Peels: Too Good to Toss, Candy Them

Candied Orange Peels - Sweet treats rich in flavor! Candied orange peels left hanging to dry It’s no secret I hate to throw things out. A spot...

It’s All About the Pie

One of my favorite summer pies: Peach Custard I find there are two kinds of people in the world: pie lovers and cake eaters. Let's...

The BLT: Assembly (and a Little Driving) Required

  While my list of favorite things about summer could stretch to Portland and back, I find the BLT (a.k.a. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich) is...

Too Much Rhubarb = Too Much Good Jam

Our unseasonably cool summer (okay, late spring) has left my tomato starts and basil shivering in their beds, drooping from a low-temperature hangover. This,...