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Flower Garden or Salad Bar for Deer?


tulips buds before the deer find them

Their midnight snack…


My morning indigestion…

We can all remember the first time the magic of Disney brought us Bambi and his ilk (or should I spell that ‘elk?’). We never saw the dark side of our little antlered friends did we; the one where they sneak about the night bounding over any fence shorter than a Sequoia, smug in the fact that they can devour a drift of daisies, a row of roses, and a lane of lilies before their two-legged foes so much as pour their first cup of coffee.  And while I’m planning my imaginery all-venison buffet, they are reclining in some shaded glen planning their own menu of late night snacks to be had in my unfenced and well-stocked outdoor larder.


  1. I once planted hundreds of bulbs in rocky terrain that I weeded and tilled myself. I had blisters on blisters and a sore back, but I was very proud of myself. It was so exciting to see all those little green buds come up, and I guess the deer found them exciting too. For a few months I looked out my window and saw a sea of stems. DEER SUCK.


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