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Very Fancy Lions and Tigers and Bears

Dressed poorly for the inclement weather (as is the norm), I dropped into Snapdragon Bakery to buck the chill with hot coffee, fresh pastry, and a...

Phoebe and Tillie’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure

In terms of landmass, Vashon Island (37 sq. mi.) is about the size of Manhattan (34 sq. mi.). The north-end ferry connects Seattle, while the south-end...

A Ghostly Morning Concert

As summer says sayonara to the Pacific Northwest, the sun begins to limit its appearance daily by minutes. In June, when I bound out of bed...

In My Book, V Is for Vashon

I've written my first book. (Tom Robbins and Sherman Alexie have nothing to worry about.) V Is for Vashon is a sweeping tale, covering everything from...

Life Lessons From the Month of July

As an admirer of Joseph Campbell, I've always loved an axiom he shared in one of his early essays, "Why would you fish for...

Some Fine Seasonal Workers, Indeed

My old farmhouse has a history of housing seasonal workers, or so states a 1917 sale pamphlet, "Upstairs there are two large sleeping porches, suitable for...

Love From Scratch: Adam, Megan and Snapdragon Bakery

A short walk down the road from me, in a house just as charming as its residents, Megan and Adam live a love story that...
Point Robinson Lighthouse Vashon Island

Birdseye View Over Vashon Island

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTy7az-U89k] I hope to never take for granted the beauty around me and the natural settings, beaches, coves, lagoons, forests and shorelines that make...
Tom's Kitchen II by Pam Ingallls

Pam Ingalls Painted My Kitchen (and the Way Home)

Paintings by Pam Ingalls The first Friday of each month marks Gallery Cruise on Vashon, where local businesses open their doors and donate their walls...
icicle fountain vashon island

Early Deep Freeze: More Photos, Fewer Words

I'm a wee bit stuck these days; distractions are aplenty, and focus is just a setting on my camera.  So I will dispense with...