Tall Clover Farm: Warm Welcome on a Chilly Night

snowy window warm welcome
snowy day outside my window winter scene
From the guest room window, black locust branches dusted with a rare spring snow.

The chill of the evening cannot dissuade me from writing my first blog entry, not even at my desk upstairs. The heat in my house is most comfortable on the first floor where it remains insolent to most basic of nature’s laws: heat rises.

Not so here; the warmth loiters on the stoop with nary an inclination to ascend past my ankles, nor spend an evening in the company of those who snore.

In the winter, the second floor of this fine old home is a haven for the hardy, those blessed with fur and four paws and those familiar with the thermal benefits of layering.  This is no complaint for when the slow lean toward spring finds a foothold in summer, every cool breeze that I chide now will embrace me with forgiveness on its way out the window.    -Tom Conway

Snowy day at Tall Clover Farm
My house tucked in for the night with a fresh coverlet of snow.



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