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Hand Pies: From the Bottom of My Flakey Heart

Few symbols capture my heart like the heart. There’s no gray area here, no mistaken intent. Whether rendered in a doodle, decal, cookie-cutter, pie...

Sharon’s Bread-and-Butter Pickle Recipe

Mrs. S. Briskman Makes the Best Pickles! I love bread-and-butter pickles: not too sweet; not too sour; can stand on their own; and can dress...

Very Vashon Victoria Sponge Cake

vashon island sponge cake with raspbrerries
I recently discovered Victoria sponge cake thanks the PBS program The Great British Baking Show, where Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood serve up tasty challenges to...

Bachelor’s Jam: More About the Bachelor, Less About the Jam

Growing up in the South, I harbor many colorful recollections, though sometimes I fear my imagination may have muddied the archival waters and created my own...

Nectarine Apricot Ginger Jam: Spicing Things Up!

nectarine jam simmering
Tommy's jam kitchen is a jammin' this summer, and with a fresh box of Washington State stone fruit beaming before me (courtesy of my...

Sweet Cherry Pickles: Flavorful Tickles

  I must confess, I get a very big kick out of an official moniker bestowed  upon me each year, or at least for as...

How to Make Pie Dough Shine

Pie is my spirit animal. Okay, that's a bit much, how about pie is a smile on my plate. (Hmmm, me thinks I'm trying...

French Coconut Pie: Heaven in a Crust

I'm a loyal pie guy. If you're a pie or tart recipe and you do me right—that is, bake up nicely, remain flakey, speak...

Boxing Day and Leftover Love

My friend Amy wrote, "Ah, December 26, my favorite holiday of the year." It made me chuckle, but also confirmed a truth about what...

Easy Peasy Crockpot Apple Butter

crock pot apple butter
Apple butter on the stove is a sure sign of full-throttle autumn activities around here. With boxes and bags of apples begging to be...