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Vashon Vision: Future Found in a File Cabinet

Cleaning House, Finding Treasures Ah, the new year, a time to fall in line with my better self and ponder the things I plan to do, change, rectify and/or discard in my life. Nothing...

A Recipe for Bread and for Life

A friend of mine recently returned from a Zen Retreat at a German monastery, and told me about a delicious German whole-wheat rye bread he had enjoyed there. Now on quirky little Vashon, no...

Farmhouse Finery: New Paint, New Chapter

The original 1888 door and windows repainted.
Vashon Island Farmhouse

Tom Lives Here, No Doubt About It

Paint Colors to Call Home I've waited 17 years to paint my house, not for lack of wanting, but more for having an understanding of what I needed to do by myself and with...
Pacific Northwest farmhouse

Home Sweet Home: New Paint, New Life

Painting and Patience Seventeen years ago I drove up a gravel drive to behold the house destined to become my new home. Imperfectly perfect, the pioneer beauty imbued an elegant simplicity wrought a century ago,...
Vashon Farmhouse

Time to Remove the Siding

Curing a Bad Case of Shingles...House Shingles In 2004, my very patient realtor led me up a gravel lane to a hilltop setting of monumental trees encircling a sleeping beauty of a homestead. Painted in...
quiche breakfast

Quiche Lorraine: How to Make Breakfast Pie

Don't like Quiche: Hear Me Out Quiche Lorraine got a bad rap in the 80s, all started by the tongue-in-cheek book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, denouncing the brunch-fare as unsuitable for the alpha male....
Vashon Island Christmas

Christmas Gift 100 Years in the Making

In 2019, on Christmas day , I received a gift 100 years in the making. Surprisingly, the treat presented itself within an email inquiry and subsequent exchanges; and embraced me with a warming joy...
tall clover farm house

Thanksgiving 2020: Gratitude Is on the Menu

Darkness surrounds me right now, but I know light will prevail if I just wait patiently. My rooster Rufus reminds me of this notion, along with the solo song of wheels to wet pavement...

Buddy the Bulldog: Reluctant Muse

As I've mention before, Buddy (my bulldog) pretty much runs my life. My stocky master and commander lets me know when he's ready to eat, ready to nap, ready for a butt-rub, ready to...