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Put Down the Bottled Water, and No One Gets Hurt


a huge bin of thrown away water bottles in Honolulu

Art piece?  Nah, this is just a water bottle waste receptacle in Honolulu.

There was a time when the only bottled water you’d ever see, required a flight to Europe and a dining experience. Tap water was just fine for American palates. Well, a few multi-million dollar ad campaigns later, we can’t survive a workout or walk to the car without imbibing on a sealed bottle of glacier fed mountain spring water. (Of course, I only drink water from the 10,000-foot level on the leeward side where no mountain goats have grazed.)  After hopping into a friend’s car recently, I feared for my life, horrified that I would be engulfed by the sea of empty water bottles in his back seat. Luckily they stopped just below my breathing passages.

So on this Earth Day 2008, I ask just ask this of you (and me): put down the bottled water, pick up an empty reusable  glass and reach for the tap. I’m sure if you take a blind taste test, your city’s H2O will share the same bouquet as the bottled water that circumnavigated half the globe just to touch your lips and quench your thirst.


  1. Totally agree. I use a water filter in my house and refill a bottle I keep in the fridge. Now all I have to worry about are the chemicals in the plastic. Sigh…

  2. So true…we have given up the bottle and have gone to the tap…even here in good ol’ FLA! The hubby (I love saying that) put in a good “green” filter under the sink, so all is good with the world! Kudos for bringing up the subject, enough is enough. Tho few would admit it, anyone over 40 has enjoyed the cool taste of a garden hose at some point in their lives!

  3. A lot of the bottled water isn’t even exotic. Talking Rain gets its water a few feet from my husband’s parents’ former house in Snoqualmie. They had a deal to tap into the city water. I always thought it was funny when my inlaws bought Talking Rain.


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