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Nanaimo Peach Tree: Winner in the Maritime Northwest

Spend a few minutes on my blog perusing summer posts, and you'll easily grasp my love of growing and eating fresh fruit, and note...

10 Best Apples in My Orchard

While my orchard harvests are not ready for prime time availability and farmstand sales, I do like to share my findings in what I...

Home Orchard: Best Way to Water Trees Slowly

Summer comes and goes in the Pacific Northwest with nary a drop of rain. It's Seattle's best kept secret. Our summers are Miami's winters....

Perfect Pears for the Home Orchard

As plots of ground and garden go, orchards hold a special place in my heart. For the gifts of promise, patience and firmly-established roots...

Great Apples for the Home Orchard

I've been tending to my young orchard for about 8 years now, and I'm eager to share with you some of my favorite apple...
clara frijs pear

Clara Frijs: Best Pear You’ve Never Eaten

Top clockwise: Aurora pear, Clara Frijs pear, Orcas pear

Venus Grape: Goddess of Vitus Love

In the beauty pageant of fruit, grapes are certainly one of the more comely and congenial contestants. Colorful, sweet and worldly, grapes garner a...

Liquid Fence: Defending Your Garden Against Deer

Remember the first time the magic of Disney brought us Bambi and his ilk? We never saw the dark side of our little antlered friends...
western thatching ants fruit trees

Orchard Tip: When Ants Attack Fruit Trees

I've always kept a healthy distance from ants. The notion of strength in numbers is not lost on me. If the Lilliputians could secure...
Vern's Brown Turkey Fig

Video: When Is a Fig Ripe and Ready to Pick?

When is a fig ripe and ready to pick? For figs, the peak of ripeness is a magic state reached on the tree, not...