A Ghostly Morning Concert

A Ghostly Morning Concert {18}

As summer says sayonara to the Pacific Northwest, the sun begins to limit its appearance daily by minutes. In June, when I bound out of bed at 5 a.m., every ray of light is eagerly on the scene, and every songbird is heralding a new day; but now, when my feet hit the floor, darkness and silence prevail.(…)

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Heartened by the Kindness of Strangers

Heartened by the Kindness of Strangers {27}

Each day we all face challenges, quietly carrying the burdens of worry, sadness, loss or letdown with us like spare change in our pockets. While some pockets are more laden than others,  rattling and jingling with each step, I venture to say we all share empathy and kinship in wanting to make things better, not only for(…)

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Little Buddy, Big Heart: Remembering Boz

Little Buddy, Big Heart: Remembering Boz {64}

I first met Boz when he was age two and living in a south Seattle neighborhood. I immediately ascertained no cul de sac or chain-link fence could contain a personality and presence that big. Love at first site may be an overused expression, but I fear there is no other way to describe our first encounter.(…)

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Rainier Cherries Crown This Cake

Rainier Cherries Crown This Cake {14}

In far-off Minnesota, my favorite blogging baker and bon vivant, Eileen of Passions to Pastry, posted a recipe that called to me: rustic rhubarb – almond cake. (Full disclosure: all of Eileen’s recipes call to me.) But a trip to my over-harvested, under-watered rhubarb patch showed me that a substitution was in order. Dry, stringy, tough rhubarb has little(…)

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