White Flowers: Dressing-Up the Garden

White Flowers: Dressing-Up the Garden {15}

Like the song says, “June is busting out all over!” But before it concedes to July and the bold colors of summer, June is holding a formal affair before things really heat up.  The following garden guests, white flowers all, have donned their best to graciously welcome summer. Mock Orange (Philadephus lewesii): This Northwest native shrub is a beloved bloomer around(…)

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Rug Wash in the Great Outdoors

Rug Wash in the Great Outdoors {13}

I have a penchant for area rugs — small to large, bold to muted, plain to intricate. While I grew up with the wall-to-wall sculptured berber and the jolly shags of mid-century modern, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Esther introduced me to the wonders of Persian rugs seemingly too beautiful to step foot on, but that’s not how they saw it. Some(…)

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Foxglove in the Locust Tree

Foxglove in the Locust Tree {8}

Each season brings new surprises, a changing of the guard so to speak, when petals fall, snowflakes melt or swallows sail. Last year, I noticed a sweet sprout of a surprise growing in the fork of my old black locust tree. A closer look confirmed a foxglove had taken root in the most unlikely and challenging(…)

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In My Book, V Is for Vashon

In My Book, V Is for Vashon {10}

I’ve written my first book. (Tom Robbins and Sherman Alexie have nothing to worry about.) V Is for Vashon is a sweeping tale, covering everything from A to Z, including UFOs, poisonous mushrooms, Orcas, bakeries, bicycles, jack-o’-lanterns and a couple of ferries. Thanks to an invitation from my artist friend Pam Ingalls, I wrote the words to(…)

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