Clara Frijs: Best Pear You’ve Never Eaten

Clara Frijs: Best Pear You’ve Never Eaten {2}

I’m an equal opportunity fruit eater. Whether the fruit grows on a tree, vine, bush, or wee plant, chances are, I will like it. And one of the joys of having some land and a penchant to plant, is that I can try out uncommon fruit varieties that may offer up a little something different or(…)

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Venus Grape: Goddess of Vitus Love

Venus Grape: Goddess of Vitus Love {2}

In the beauty pageant of fruit, grapes are certainly one of the more comely and congenial contestants. Colorful, sweet and worldly, grapes garner a place in our hearts rarely shared by other members of proper orchard society.  Part rascal, part seductress, my homegrown grapes have me wrapped around their pretty little tendrils. And one I love in(…)

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Life Lessons From the Month of August

Life Lessons From the Month of August {24}

If there’s one benefit to aging, it’s my growing belief that while I may be losing hair, I’m may also be gaining wisdom, especially when I have the good sense to observe, listen and learn on a regular basis. Heck, by the time I’m 60, I should be a genius! And now with August a faint, warm(…)

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Flirting With the Supermoon

Flirting With the Supermoon {7}

The laughter and conversations of an evening well spent still reverberated in my head as I drove home. Bright lights on, my truck trundled down the back roads of the island, swallowed up by twisted tunnels of tall timber. Turning south to the open meadows of Wax Orchard road, the moon hit my windshield like a(…)

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