Foxglove in the Locust Tree

Foxglove in the Locust Tree {2}

Each season brings new surprises, a changing of the guard so to speak, when petals fall, snowflakes melt or swallows sail. Last year, I noticed a sweet sprout of a surprise growing in the fork of my old black locust tree. A closer look confirmed a foxglove had taken root in the most unlikely and challenging(…)

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In My Book, V Is for Vashon

In My Book, V Is for Vashon {7}

I’ve written my first book. (Tom Robbins and Sherman Alexie have nothing to worry about.) V Is for Vashon is a sweeping tale, covering everything from A to Z, including UFOs, poisonous mushrooms, Orcas, bakeries, bicycles, jack-o’-lanterns and a couple of ferries. Thanks to an invitation from my artist friend Pam Ingalls, I wrote the words to(…)

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I Fought the Lawn, and the Lawn Won

I Fought the Lawn, and the Lawn Won {30}

At first it was difficult to wrap my suburban-lawn-care brain around the fact that I no longer lived in Seattle on a postage-stamp-sized lot. When I moved to the country, I remained ensconced in the protocols (or perhaps tyrannies) of city gardens and urban scale. Ten years later I am officially giving it up. I live(…)

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How to Make an Orchard Mason Bee House

How to Make an Orchard Mason Bee House {8}

While I adore my honeybees, I also revere the amazing and often-times overlooked native pollinator, the Mason Orchard Bee (Osmia lignaria). Where the honeybee is a finely-tuned pollinating powerhouse with corporate efficiency, native pollinators tend to be the small-business counterpart, a mom-and-pop pollination operation, so to speak. The Mason Orchard Bee is self-employed jack of all(…)

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