The Journey That Led Home

The Journey That Led Home {10}

This winter, I am suffering from (dare I say) Blogger’s Block, where my eyes stare at the laptop, my fingers go through typing exercises, and my brain rereads what appears on the screen, and then, my pinky goes rogue and hits the delete key boldly and unapologetically. And so it goes… I don’t expect this mental wall(…)

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An Easy Way to Repot Plants

An Easy Way to Repot Plants {11}

Out in the greenhouse, I found many of my garden starts and cuttings were already needing to be repotted into larger pots. Apparently a warmer-than-normal Pacific Northwest winter has encouraged some rapid growth in some usually pokey plants. In this case, my tayberries (a sweet-tart, raspberry-blackberry cross) were ready for new digs–time to repot! Let me share my step-by-step(…)

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Growing Carrots in a Container

Growing Carrots in a Container {7}

I usually stay away from gimmicky gardening tips, the ones fraught with the requisite hoop-jumping to pick a mere peapod or pull a pound of potatoes. The truth is (at least from my experience) that most vegetables benefit from being grown in the ground as opposed to a container. As for my apartment dwelling pals, stick with containers(…)

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Knitting Up an Awesome Bulldog

Knitting Up an Awesome Bulldog {6}

I like surprises, not the kind that make you pee in your pants, and seek therapy and tubs of Haagen Dazs, but the sort that delight you for the sheer level of their consideration and thoughtfulness. I was the recipient of such a fine surprise this week in the form of a knitted bulldog, a wooly little(…)

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