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Making Sense of 60

I remember the day my second grade teacher (and my not-so-secret crush) Miss Hilliard introduced the class to a real-life story problem. Her beguiling southern lilt...
old guy in the mirror

Who Is the Old Guy in the Selfie?

Each new season can be a quirky, moody little affair, that at times falls out of synch with my resident disposition, though I venture to say most seasons would...

Objects of My Affection: Trash, Treasure, and Thrift Store Finds

My apologies to California, but the Pacific Northwest is being blessed with another gully washer. Bedazzled with raindrops that quickly channel off the panes, my...

Spring in My Step: Putting Hibernation to Bed

Fresh start: honeycomb, pea vines, and a little luck...The robins, crows, tree frogs and barred owls, raucous little alarm clocks that they are, have sounded...

5 Things I Learned This Week: Entry 1

Lesson 1: Early mornings can be magical. The clock reveals an early hour, and yet I feel rested. Birds court through song. Boz snores deeply...

True Confessions as a Smartphone Laggard

Early adopter I am not. Here it is 2014, and I have yet to embrace the smartphone and the technology that spread like a virus...

The Man, the Cake Tin and the Ferry Ride

My mom jokes with me about the number of potlucks I attend. She's right, it's the way of my people. Islanders are a social...

Behind the Tall Clover Curtain

Boz and Gracie glaring, their mugs say it all. "Dude, would it kill you to clean out the truck" And yes, those are potatoes...
Bob's Big Boy doll

Tom’s Tooth and Trying to Be a Big Boy

A perky plastic role model for me. (Photo, Iris Taboh) I'm a man who tries to err on the side of optimism, but last week's...

Tom’s Glasses: The Never-Ending Story

Fresh tape applied, counting to ten... My Kingdom for a Pair of Glasses! In our last episode of Tom's Broken Glasses (yes, they are taking on...