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Orienpet Lily: Garden Looker — Va Va Va Voom!

Orienpet lilies, Satisfaction variety
My two-year-old stand of Satisfaction Orienpet lilies in late July My days as a plant snob are over. There's room in my garden for both...

Royal Grevillea: Garden Dynamo from Down Under

Grevillea victoriae
Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a plantaholic, unable to leave a nursery without a plant, incapable of ignoring a nodding bud, lacy...

Hollyhocks Signal Summer’s Last Hurrah

hollyhocks and bunting on the porch
As summer wanes, my hollyhocks mark its passage, each blossom a page in the season's story.  June finds an optimistic sprout fighting off the early advances...

Foxgloves: Towers of Flowers and Then Some

foxglove garden
Foxglove (digitalis purpurea) is the flower of the hour in my Pacific Northwest garden, towering three feet above my close-to six-foot frame. (That's height not...

Taylor’s Pink Perfection Camellia and Miss Wells’ Lipstick

Nature doles out some amazing colors. When my Taylor's Pink Perfection camellia began to bloom for the first time, I found its blush exuberant,...

Bart, Your Primula Is Doing Fine

In some cafe, perhaps in Amsterdam, maybe in Bruges sits a man whose interest in the works of Van Gogh and Rubens is only rivaled...

Periwinkle Vinca Major Covers a Lot of Ground

periwinkle major
Periwinkle: Vinca Major, a sea of knee-high green I'd have to say the periwinkle Vinca major saves me about a bazillion hours of weeding each summer, smothering out...

Daffodils: D is for Deer Proof

naturalized daffodils
Deer proof is a designation that I usually find laughable. I suspect that given the chance, deer would dine on blue tarps and roof shingles. If these beasts...

Houseplant Clivia: Tough as Nails, Pretty to Boot

clivia in pot
About this time every year, I look at my sickly menagerie of houseplants and wonder why I bother. The leaves of my streptocarpus have...

Trumpet & Oriental Lilies: Perfection in Bloom

oriental lily
Lilies Are the Whole Flower Package: Beauty, Fragrance and Strength The phrase to gild the lily says it all. Why would anyone attempt to improve or adorn something that...