Renae, I Have Your Rhubarb


holding big bunch of fresh rhubarbGarden prize: first-of-the-season rhubarb

There I was minding my own business waxing on about my exceptional rhubarb crop, when one of my favorite bon vivants, super moms and gifted bloggers ( perked up and said in hushed tones as if speaking of contraband, “Did you say rhubarb.” “Why yes, Renae I did.” (I knew I like that girl.)

There are many markers of a person’s worth, and loving rhubarb is one of them. Pure glee and unbridled enthusiasm for anything should be rewarded, and Renae’s trophy shall be a clutch of my finest rhubarb stalks.  I shall deliver them tomorrow, and while I give these beefy ruby-red batons with no return in mind or expected, I venture to guess a fine confection or baked good will find its way from Renae’s home to mine.  Bon vivants are like that, and I embrace them all.
fresh cut rhubarb in a chair
I see rhubarb custard pie in my future. (Note to self:  buy vanilla ice cream.)


  1. Rhubarb custard pie is the best. I can’t imagine eating it any other way. I had a bumper crop this year. I started making rhubarb slush (with vodka) and it turned out to be the hit of the summer. There was a steady stream of friends coming and going.


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