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Moments for Pause

Moments for Pause

two large black locust glowing at sunset Vashon Island

There are certain times in each year when a moment is marked, when a welcomed reminder of another time or season revisits you with an embrace of rediscovery, and you eagerly welcome its return. This evening as I made quick work of tucking in the chickens for the evening, I quickly realized I was not dressed for the chill at sunset. Nearing the house, the two ancient black locust trees that anchor my drive were glowing on the west side of their trunks, an occasion neither seen nor celebrated since the waning days of summer.

Their deeply-ridged bark glowed and the shadows of the last seven months were erased. I stood in stillness and felt the simple joy of this quiet moment.  The breeze was biting, but the moment warmed me.

Each day the hours wend their way through us, around us and at times, without us. What we choose to take notice of or that which ignites our spirit can easily be missed. Listen to your heart,  slow your step, and honor that which is before your eyes. You too will find your moment for pause.


  1. Today is my lucky day. I stumbled upon your blogs and I am mesmerized. Beautiful notes, a cook, a gardener, a lover of simple joys. I’m falling in love. Thank you for warming my heart on this frigid day in upstate NY.


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