Spring Garden Tour: This Bud’s for You!{32}

magenta red magnolia blossom country sceneVulcan Magnolia front and center, taking  its long-awaited bow

The old place is draped in spring, and may I say it’s most becoming. Thanks to some unseasonably sunny days and my need to plant more spring bulbs each year, the garden has never looked more cheery in April.  And after five years of nurturing, coaxing, watering and deer spray applying, my Magnolia x ‘Vulcan’ has decided to bloom.  The wonderfully rich colored flowers stand out like little garden punctuation marks. Granted I only have two blooms on the entire tree, but each has well been worth the wait. As gardeners know, Rome (and the Villa Borghese gardens) were not grown in a day.

Daffodil Salome unveils a dance of color and light.

Trail to the gate garden, amid white daffodils (Ice Follies) and soon-to-bloom bluebells.

My favorite view from the back porch at its greenest!

This drift of sunny daffodils started out as a small clump of flowers, and after six years of separating and replanting the bulbs, a constellation is born.

Blue violets, the sweet perfume of spring (unless Boz and Gracie assist with the watering).

Here are some of my favorite online bulb sellers: Van Bourgondien & Sons, Van Engelen, EasytoGrowBulbs.com, and John Scheepers.