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Greenhouse grown beauties: dahlias, zinnias, and giant marigolds

My Greenhouse as Concert Hall

Not much to report on the farm this morning. The fall breeze is wending its way through every leaf and fern frond. Buddy paces...

A Garden Fountain That Whispers Water

As a card-carrying Aquarian (a.k.a. the water bearer), I take my garden fountain seriously, always fine-tuning and perfecting its placement and performance for both the...

Bulb Auger: Easy Way to Plant Bulbs

If my garden were a banquet table, I would concede that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I dine and garden...

Ordering Bareroot Trees: What to Expect

Mail-Order Trees: Who Would Have Thunk? Ordering bareroot trees is to Tom as ordering books is to Oprah. I love trees, especially unusual fruit trees, sometimes forgotten...

I Planted a Tree for Someone’s Tomorrow

In the summer, I begin my morning with a walk about the property, coffee cup in hand, bulldog in tow, boots adrip with dew. Daylight does...

Tabletop Flowers: Dahlias Without Water

I had the pleasure of providing flowers for a friend's wedding this summer, and in the process learned a thing or two about tabletop floral displays,...

I Grow Dahlias, Dahlias Galore

Let's talk Dahlias! I try not to play favorites with flowers. Sure, a spring peony can unfurl seemingly unmatched, that is until I spot...

Decanting Your Dinnerplate Dahlias

Serving up some dinnerplate dahlias Dinnerplate dahlias are no shrinking violets; their presence is bold, beautiful and often times bigger than a vase can hold,...

May Flowers: What’s Blooming in My Garden

May Flowers: Thank You October-Through-April Showers Each month yields its own little surprises in my garden. In May, I welcome visitors in bloom, bough, petal and seedpod, returning...
spring peach blossoms

First Day of Spring, the Flowers All Sing

The first day of spring couldn't have come soon enough, although winter's waning days were nothing short of halcyon — those teaser days when waterlogged...
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