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Goldilocks and the One Bearish Bulldog

Someone's Sitting in My Chair... Boz and Gracie, my beloved bullies, are never short of entertaining antics.  So when my friend Nancy stopped by for...

Bulldog Wisdom: The World According to Boz

He's not just a pretty face. My English Bulldog Boz also seems to have all the answers; and so I feel it is my duty...

The British Bulldogs of Downton Doggie

Now that Downton Abbey is over for the season, I've turned to another English family for vicarious pleasure, one that is no stranger to...

Bed-Rest for Boz, Relief for Tom

bulldogs in bed
Bulldog on the Mends My bulldog buddy Boz was feeling puny last week, so much in fact that I was a bit of a mess...

Bulldog Santa: Boz Is Quite the Card

Lightmark Press Boz the bulldog
 My handsome little bulldog Santa, Boz Christmas came early when my friend Rondi dropped by yesterday to hand deliver her latest Christmas card design featuring...

An Apple a Day Keeps the Veterinarian Away

Boz the bulldog case of Bramleys Seedling Apples
My Bulldogs Boz and Gracie Love Apples! Yesterday I picked from two of my favorite apple trees: Bramley's Seedling and Belle de Boskoop. Each orchard...

The Day Boz Re-Purposed the Stoop

Boz and the stoop in drier times Bulldogs Will Be Bulldogs... There is a fine line between lazy and smart; doing less to get more is...

Boz the Bulldog: Master and Commander

English bulldog staredown
If I ignore Boz, he makes his case up close and personal.  Make no mistake, in this household I serve at the pleasure of my...

Tall Clover Chronicles: Boz Takes the Cake

After a determined lawn-to-chair-to-table climb, Boz ponders the absence of food (and his next move). Much like Charlie Brown putting his trust in Lucy to...

Green Bean Ninjas: Attack of the Famished Bulldogs

Boz the bulldog loves his green beans
[youtube] My English bulldogs, Boz and Gracie play leading roles in my daily life. Whether begging, farting, drooling, eating, pining, playing or napping, their...