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warty pumpkin galeux d'eysines

Great Pumpkins: Eye Candy and Great Eating!

Some stylish pumpkins rockin' the boardwalk. Rotting remnants of October's once artfully-carved pumpkins stain a stoop or two on my quirky island, but for the...

Cuke Rebuke: Lessons of a Reluctant Pickle Puss

Taking one for the team: a real-life reenactment of what happens when a happy man consumes a bitter pickle. Bitter Cucumbers: What Gives? I may be...

Homemade Pickles: A Cucumber of Worthy Intent

Homemade Pickles cucumbers A good pickle is worth its weight in apricot jam (another favorite of mine), but it takes a great cucumber to make...
kale starts

Homegrown Video: How Does My Garden Grow?

Homegrown Video and What's in my GardenKale starts, two months later you did me proud. Having discovered the video setting on my point-and-shoot camera, has...
kale starts

Crowning Kale the King of Garden Greens

Kale Caesar!* A nice surprise is one of life's little pleasures, that startling little epiphany that has you reassessing your tired old ways and preconceived...
growing tomatoes stem of cherry tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes: Tips, Pics & Tom’s Two Cents

Previous Posts: All About Growing Tomatoes List of Tom's TOP Tomato Picks: Slicer, Salad, Paste, and Cherry Homegrown tomatoes, there's nothing quite like them to wake...

Saving Pumpkins: How to Store Winter Squash

Here's to a long (shelf) life Fresh food storage is a tricky business; what's good for the potato and parsnip gets a pshaw from the...

My Favorite Pumpkins on Parade, Warts and All

Here's a list and some photos of my favorite pumpkins and winter squash. Give them some room, water and ample composted manure and the...

Confessions of a Pumpkinhead

  Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a bona fide pumpkinhead. Yes, I admit it; I'm a man who loves the genus Cucurbita. Whether...
growing tomatoes stem of cherry tomatoes

Snip It: The Best Way to Pick Cherry Tomatoes

My heart belongs to the big ol' Daddy tomatoes, the slicers, the small planets that make a BLT (and again, my heart) sing.  Sure ...
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