Seattle: Just How Hot Was It?{9}

Seattle Reaches Its Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded

candle melted in the heat of Seattle’s record high temperature

A day when candles and people shared the same posture.

dry kiwi leaves

The leaves on  my Kiwi vines were as dry as Doritos

Yesterday a record toppled; Seattle’s temperature reached 103 degrees – the hottest daytime temperature ever recorded in the Emerald City (this year a moniker better suited for October thru June). The rest of the nation may say what’s the big deal, but you really need to put this record in context to what’s normal.

The Pacific Northwest’s weather is one of gentle fluctuations. In the winter, the night and day temperatures vary by less than ten degrees, usually between 38 and 48 degrees. In the summers 80 is a rarity and we’ve seen summers where the Puget Sound region never experienced a day temperature over 90 degrees. In most summers, I won’t even pick a ripe tomato until early September.

So I thought I’d share some photos of just how hot it was.

thermostat Seattle heatwave

It was so hot…high ceilings, open windows and doors and an infantry of fans could not keep this old house from becoming an oven. (Residential air conditioners are as rare as weak coffee and cheap parking  in Seattle.)

Seattle heatwave pumpkins feeling the heat

It was so hot…my sun-loving pumpkin vines succumbed to the vapors.

scotch broom pods pop in the heat

It was so hot…Scotch broom seed pods cracked open like popcorn popping. The entire pasture was crackling with mini-explosions, producing sounds eerily similar to when kids pop bubble wrap.

Gracie suffering in the heat

It was so hot… neither man nor beast could work, play or sleep comfortably, but some were willing to exhaust all avenues for relief (Boz and myself included, though I’ll spare you any photos of me in the kiddie pool).

Boz tries to cool off in the pool

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