Home Seasons Summer on Vashon Island: What I Learned, Part II

Summer on Vashon Island: What I Learned, Part II

Summer on Vashon Island: What I Learned, Part II

A followup to my post: 10 Things I Learned This Summer

burton harbor vashon islandSummer is too generous a season to limit my learning curve to a wee bunny slope.

A mere 10 lessons to be learned, I think not.

Vashon Island summer day Tramp Harbor

As I sit at my kitchen table ignoring autumn’s various and persistent calling cards, I ponder a few more epiphanies from the waning days of summer on Vashon Island. Clogged gutters, unplanted fall flower bulbs, sooty chimneys and rutted drives will have to wait a little longer; I’m not quite ready to let go of the fairest season.

Summer on Vashon Island

What I Learned: Part II

liberty apples on the tree1. Putting the shine on the apple takes little effort.

full moon through the madrona trees2. August moons can steal your heart.

3. Some omnivores are stalwart carnivores.

4. Health food: a BLT covers all of the major food groups.

5.  Some farm hands are more about the eating, less about the picking.

6. Diet food (see floor)  is best left to those on a diet.

spelling love with fingers7. Sometimes you just have to spell it out for people.

bulldogs in a truck8. Road trips are always better with sidekicks.

cases of wine in the basement9.  Naivete Trust  is a friend  who stores 15 cases of wine in your cellar (…hiccup).

sleeping under a fuzzy kiwi vine10. Never take a long nap next to a kiwi vine.


  1. I thought that red nose you’ve been sporting was from falling asleep in the kiwis, now I see that the “nap” photo comes after the photo of the ravished wine cellar…ha ha-I know my wine is safe with you, but now all of cyber space knows where it is. Time to invest in a padlock!!!

  2. I’m with you Tom…don’t want to let go of summer, the fairest season of all. Love those gorgeous apples, the moonlight, the wine, the raspberries …you get the picture!

  3. the kiwi warning taken seriously….but gotta love them…kiwi, chili marmelade???? maybe with a bergamot twinge????????
    I made tomato,apple bergomot jelly this summer to eat with cheese……..subtle and long lasting on the palate…

  4. Tamara: Yet again your tendency for exaggeration has the best of you. I counted 15 cases, not 18 cases. Um, hmmm.

    Sue: Tell the old doc, that two strips of bacon have fewer calories than a cup of yogurt; that will teach him. (Though no doubt he’ll use logic, science, and fat content to debunk or twist my comment. ) Bacon, bacon, bacon…

    Thanks Ina, and pAMELA those are some creative flavor combos, I’ll have to try. Thanks!

  5. I love the great use of your collected material. You are a master genius at making things look awesome– for instance it looks like your cellar truly is a wine cellar, not a place that floods and might or might not house random junk. (You have genius!)

  6. lol – that kiwi vine looks like it’s swallowing you whole! thanks for sharing your post over here at Fishtail Cottage’s new linky party today! Really enjoying peeking around at the party! xoox, tracie

  7. You are a riot! I will have to pop in more often now that I know about you ~ or dispite you, whatever the case may be! ;~P I especially enjoy my visits with fellow Washingtonians!


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