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Seattle Summer Nightlife: Dinner and a Show

Bats flying out of Seattle Chimney
Summer is a powerful elixir for most Seattleites. We drink in summer (i.e., July and August) like a tonic that cures the ailments brought...

A Very Vashon Fourth of July

Boz the bulldog on the front porch
Boz, British Bulldog and expat, says "All is forgiven, Happy Fourth!" The Fourth of July comes abruptly to Vashon Island. Anyone on the island with...

How the Grinch Stole Solstice, Almost

pink roses in the rain
Boz is quick to point out that chest-high grass is no dog's friend. Rain or no rain, it's time to mow. If weather was a game...

Seattle: Just How Hot Was It?

Seattle Reaches Its Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded A day when candles and people shared the same posture. The leaves on  my Kiwi vines were as dry as...

Prepare Yourself for a Sunny Fourth

  Anyone who's spent a summer in Seattle, knows the season really begins the fifth of July, when the sun begrudingly shows up for its abbreviated...

Summer Belongs to the Black Locust

black locust blossoms
Black locust trees anchor my house. They are a much a part of its history as the wavy glass windows and half-wrap porch. Even in...

Saying Goodbye to Summer, Slowly

  By summer's end, a bramble's reach knows no boundary. What my eyes witnessed my brain denied. The shadows were not lengthening; the mosaic of honey locust...