One Green World Nursery Delivers the Goods{24}

I read seed and nursery catalogs like dime-store novels. Will the characters within the dog-eared pages deliver on their promises. Will their potential be realized, or will some find their end in a wheelbarrow ride to the compost heap? Will their shortcomings haunt me every time I come across a wilted leaf or withered branch? Only time will tell, as the plot is fully revealed years from now.

York apple blossoms: April flowers portend loaded bowers

Erring on the side of optimism and choosing plants best suited for my climate, I look forward each year to adding a few new cultivars to the orchard and garden, while reminding myself repeatedly that my acreage, energy and age are limited resources (though, I never listen).

ripe quinceAromatnaya quince: delicious, beautiful, and easy to grow, planted 2008

Which brings me to One Green World, I love this nursery for its quality plant material and availability of edible plants from around the world. They never disappoint and continue to surprise me with the striking, tasty and unique.

This year I ordered the following newcomers:

  • Marionberry, because my pie needs demand it.
  • Tayberry, because I fancy tayberry sauce on ice cream (and shortbread, and covered in Creme Anglaise, and…)
  • Nanaimo™ Peach: A new (to me) Peach Leaf Curl Resistant variety from Canada. Its namesake island city, three hours to the north, shares a similar climate to Vashon Island.
  • Chilean Guava: I learned of this ornamental and flavorful powerhouse from Sunset’s Blog: Fresh Dirt. Apparently, Queen Victoria enjoyed it in and as her favorite jam.
  • Early Laxton Plum: Had me at hello. “Prized for its ornamental value as well as its fruit, this classic European variety bears abundant crops of juicy and sweet, reddish orange fruit. One of the most productive varieties, Early Laxton is easy to grow and is the earliest to ripen of the European plums we offer.” (Source One Green World)
  • Imperial Epineuse Plum: This is a late season variety that I’ve grown successfully before. “Very sweet and richly flavorful, Imperial Epineuse is simply one of the most delicious plums we can grow. An attractive, large, reddish purple fruit with firm yellow flesh, this famous French variety is great for fresh eating and a good variety for drying. (Source: One Green World)

van lapin and stella cherriesAn admirable first crop of cherries: Van, Stella and Lapin planted in 2004

Here’s an important caveat, if you order bare-root plants and fruit trees, be sure to know where you are going to plant them and do so immediately. (And in this case, I do take my own advice.) The longer they stay out of the ground, the greater the chance of planting failure. I have a couple apple trees that became expensive bean poles later.

fall gold and Caroline raspberries
Fresh raspberries produce in the first year and are a backyard treat you should not go without.

Fall Gold and Caroline raspberries are pictured above, and I also recommend Tulameen for an earlier crop of equally large, sweet berries.

I have a couple other varieties to scout out, so on to Trees of Antiquity, Burnt Ridge Nursery, Raintree Nursery and beyond!