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LOVE on the Horizon, Fun Along the Shore

LOVE on the Horizon, Fun Along the Shore

Dom channeling his inner Robert Indiana

The logistical challenges of living on an island serviced by a car ferry are many. When friends come to visit me from off-island, I tend to prep or remind them of what to expect when their road more traveled becomes a marine highway subject to the whims of weather, schedules and load factors.

Today’s weather forecast: Popsicle toes

So today, when some dear pals from Seattle missed getting on the Vashon ferry by two cars, and had to wait for the next ferry, they sent a text alerting me along with some inspired snapshots. For some folks, a missed ferry is reason to complain and fidget. For others it’s cause for an impromptu beach walk where an unexpected delay allows time for play. And for an even rarer few, it’s reason enough to share the L-O-V-E.

Miss Lucy jumps for joy on a West Seattle beach.

First island stop Vashon Farmers Market–from one good egg to another!

(photos: Sam and Dom)


  1. Missing a ferry can be a lot of fun, if the timing was worked out in advance for that possibility. It is, if nothing else, more pleasant to enjoy looking out over the water than to be grumpy at the wait.

  2. I will remember this post the next time we have to wait for the ferry at Ft. Morgan & Dauphin Island.. My last experience, was not a joyus one!

  3. Hello Tom
    Always lovely to read your postings- especially after I spent the last 3/4 hr. repairing massive election sign damage to all 3 major party’s signs. Someone went berserk with a machette!! (Heartwarming to see Green Party people spontaneously go to work to fix everyone’s signs not just their own.) An innocent Jetta got trashed too! However, on a much brighter note- operation bodacious plum tree is a success. More on that later. s

  4. Summer is a good example, “tourists” tend to complain about ferry service, regulars are stocked with books, water, snacks (quilting project in my case), take walks and visit with neighbors. It’s all in the attitude and what you make of it. Love island living! Sandi on AI.

  5. Sometimes a missed ferry (or plane) can open the door for lots of fun things to do, I remember missing a plane in Melbourne Australia & had to stay over for another day which meant I ended up going out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant, meeting new people & was even offered a job.
    Opportunities opened up with that missed plane 🙂


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