Home Gardening Why Make Compost? Glad You Asked.

Why Make Compost? Glad You Asked.

Why Make Compost? Glad You Asked.

Seattle leads the nation in home composting, an impressive development thanks to the City of Seattle and King County’s effort to make it easy and almost second nature for residents to do so.

According to King County, over 90 percent of single family households can now recycle food scraps in their yard waste bin, and turn last night’s pot roast and potatoes into a new main course for the garden. My people call it compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment that helps your garden grow.

Since I live in rural King County, where yard/food waste pick-up is not available, I have to be a little more resourceful and focused to make home composting happen. Not a problem, as I’ve come up with a cheap and easy (my two favorite adjectives) way to make a worm compost bin.  Once I snap some photos and find the right words to properly heap praise upon the miracle of vermiculture (worm composting), I shall share my revelations on making the right stuff, right here at home.

UPDATE: My DIY Worm Bin and Backyard Composter

Vermiculture: Tom’s New Can of Worms

In the meantime, here are some related links to get you started:

Tall Clover Farm bluebellsMay bluebells bloom beautifully thanks to an autumn dressing of composted leaves.bulldog with a bone among the bluebellsBoz is an avid (if not haphazard) composter–here, making handy work of a bone and bed of bluebells.



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