Welcoming the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Welcoming the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Well, hello Christmas Past!
Christmas past tree treasuresRecollections can serve to fuel and warm the heart on a chilly winter day; here are a few  favorites from my Vashon Island home. Merry Christmas!

snow and lights from a christmas past
Story 1: The Spirit of Christmas Drove a Pickup Truck…read here.
Christmas Past tree
Story 2: Jonny Awesome and His Truck of Trees…read here.
Archangel Gabriel
Story 3: When Christmas Came to Vashon…read here.
Christmas past lights the way to Christmas present luminaries
Story 4: Shining Light on Winter’s Darkest Day…read here.


Before and after Christmas Tree
Story 6: Happiness Is a Charlie Brown Tree…read here.

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