Happiness Is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree{21}

Before and after Christmas TreeWatching A Charlie Brown Christmas was as much of a holiday tradition growing up as pulling taffy, baking sugar cookies and hanging stockings.  First airing in 1965, the TV special was groundbreaking; a melancholy melon-headed kid with a jazz-scored life dared to asked, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

So as I ponder my homegrown tree’s transformation from gangly sapling to dreamy Christmas confection,  I toast the the Charlie Browns of the world–the souls who see beauty in the overlooked, to the good hearts who share a kind word and a smile when least expected, and to the  blockheads who teach us so much even when we don’t wish to listen.

Bulldog Christmas tree ornament

No tree is complete without some bulldog ornamentation.

blown glass dog ornament

Less is more has never been an aesthetic of mine.

Archangel Gabriel

I welcome back ornaments like a reunion of cherished friends and fond memories. (Gabriel is first to be placed.)

Santa and Mrs Claus as sequined ornament

These sequined treasures were rescued from a yard sale.  If they could only talk.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!