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Welcoming the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Welcoming the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Well, hello Christmas Past!
Christmas past tree treasuresRecollections can serve to fuel and warm the heart on a chilly winter day; here are a few  favorites from my Vashon Island home. Merry Christmas!

snow and lights from a christmas past
Story 1: The Spirit of Christmas Drove a Pickup Truck…read here.
Christmas Past tree
Story 2: Jonny Awesome and His Truck of Trees…read here.
Archangel Gabriel
Story 3: When Christmas Came to Vashon…read here.
Christmas past lights the way to Christmas present luminaries
Story 4: Shining Light on Winter’s Darkest Day…read here.


Before and after Christmas Tree
Story 6: Happiness Is a Charlie Brown Tree…read here.


  1. Tom, this is a wonderful collection of ghosts! I understand why you love island life so much. Vashon is a marvelous place. Unfortunately, I’m an off islander but I’ve the privalege of knowing some great folks who arent. It was nice meeting you in Oz the other night.

    • Great to meet you, too Peter. And I love your blog; I can never get enough anything about gardening, and your perspective is fun and engaging. Here’s to our coming season of gardening potential!

    • Eileen here’s to more friendly exchanges and delicious foods and bulldog worship. I suspect you’re having a seriously white Christmas.
      My best to you and your beautiful family.

    • And a Happy Christmas to you Janet. I suspect in New Zealand, Christmas dinner may be followed by a sunny outing to the beach. Makes me a wee bit jealous. And as for the luminaries, spread the beauty!

  2. I just wanted to wish you, Boz and Gracie a very Merry Christmas. I discovered your blog rather recently and it has been a real joy to read your terrific posts and see the inspired photos. I can only imagine how much work goes into creating a blog this excellent. It brings many smiles to us. Thank you and a grand new year to you.

    • Stephanie, you made my Christmas morning, such kind words, and good thoughts just make this day even better. So glad to meet you and here’s to more online adventures I hope to share. Thank you so much. Tom

    • Thanks Sare, and to you too! How wonderful to make friends across the globe, how fortunate we are to live in age that allows such miracles. Well wishes!


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