Orcas Offshore: Another Reason to Love Vashon Island{13}

You don’t have to be a regular on my blog to quickly ascertain that I’m a fan of Vashon, regularly gushing over my good fortune to have drifted ashore to an island I now call home, an island where my neighbors are eagles, orcas and some spirited folk.

So here’s to my quirky island and her residents and to yet another reason to love them both: whale-watching from the shore. Though the more I view the video, the more I begin to believe the whales are the ones doing the watching. (We are quite an entertaining lot.)

The following clips are taken from the east side of the island mainly between Dilworth Point and Pt. Robinson lighthouse, where orcas pursue our oohs and aahs, and their favorite seafood: salmon.

Orcas at play in Puget Sound

 Brandishing my little point-and-shoot camera, I captured a frolicking orca from the vantage point of a  Washington State Ferry.

Just added December 3, 2012