Home Celebrations Thanksgiving: A Day to Dine on Gratitude and Apple Pie

Thanksgiving: A Day to Dine on Gratitude and Apple Pie

Thanksgiving: A Day to Dine on Gratitude and Apple Pie

Thanksgiving Homehome for Thanksgiving

A quick note to wish you and yours a day of abundance and gratitude, of pumpkin  pie and ladles of gravy, of warm hearts and well wishes, of quiet moments and spirited bouts, of giving and sharing and counting each blessing.

thanksgiving pie time

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends and family.

Visualizing mashed potatoes with freshly dug Yukon Gold, French Fingerling, Satina, and Makah Ozette spuds.

My best apple pie making tip: don’t scrimp on the butter before adding the top crust.

thanksgiving pieApple pie: My favorite post-Thanksgiving breakfast (should a slice make it home).

Thanksgiving leftoversPS: Boz wanted me to mention, don’t forget to be thankful for copious amounts of leftovers.


  1. Fantastic looking pie, Tom!

    Do I see a plywood subfloor in your kitchen? Looks like a good indoor project for the rainy season.

  2. Glad your Thanksgiving was bountiful. We had two; everyone could not come Thursday. We fried 1 turkey Thursday and were able to eat outside. Two were fried today, but too cold and windy for eating outside. Fried turkey is so awesome! The Butterball electric turkey frier makes it even easier and doable inside. Try it, you will like it!

    • I agree Carol, I’ve had some delicious deep fried turkey at a friend’s house. I must admit, I’m not responsible enough to own a large fryer, I would likely try to fry everything from doughnuts to anything in the bivalve family. I still may get one, but I’m wise enough to know I’ll need supervision.


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