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Orcas Offshore: Another Reason to Love Vashon Island

Orcas Offshore: Another Reason to Love Vashon Island

You don’t have to be a regular on my blog to quickly ascertain that I’m a fan of Vashon, regularly gushing over my good fortune to have drifted ashore to an island I now call home, an island where my neighbors are eagles, orcas and some spirited folk.

So here’s to my quirky island and her residents and to yet another reason to love them both: whale-watching from the shore. Though the more I view the video, the more I begin to believe the whales are the ones doing the watching. (We are quite an entertaining lot.)

The following clips are taken from the east side of the island mainly between Dilworth Point and Pt. Robinson lighthouse, where orcas pursue our oohs and aahs, and their favorite seafood: salmon.

Orcas at play in Puget Sound

 Brandishing my little point-and-shoot camera, I captured a frolicking orca from the vantage point of a  Washington State Ferry.

Just added December 3, 2012


  1. I cannot remember how I found your blog, but I love your posts. Everything I see in your lovely pictures makes me want to pack up and move to your island! How lucky you are!

  2. My brother lives in Sydney, Australia. In a place called Coogee Beach. It is beautiful. And whales visit. He texts me when they do. And I get murderously jealous. Just so’s you know…

  3. Until I found your blog, I had never heard of Vashon island. It sure looks like a beautiful place to live and thrive! Thanks for sharing slices of your life!

  4. Tom, Thank you so much for this video!! It made my heart smile and
    wish that this was the only way we could view these magnificent mammals who are so free and happy swimming in the open waters
    of the big blue sea with their dorsal fin straight and pointed instead
    of in captivity with the .dorsal fin flopped over on it’s side while they
    swim round and round.in a area that is as we all know is not big enough.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these videos Tom! I had the glorious opportunity yesterday morning to watch many Orcas … mamas, babies and big ‘ole papas dance across out at Point Robinson. I’ve lived near the water for over 30 years, but only in the Pacific Northwest for the last 3 and yesterday was the FIRST TIME I got experienced the bliss and exhilaration of watching these amazing creatures frolic together in the water. Amazing!

    • Amanda, Your enthusiasm is contagious and I’m with you all the way. When my Mom visits later this month I hope we have an opportunity to see what you saw. It’s magic, is it not?

      • My Monday morning Orca experience defines the word *MAGIC*. If you haven’t see this yet, following is a link to the acrobatic show the whales blessed us with out at Point Robinson. I’m still in awe of it all … enJOY 🙂


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