A Place Between Too Little and Too Much


Recently my friend Erik shared some Finnish wisdom: Onnelisuus on se paikka puuttuvaisuuden ja yltäkylläisyyden välillä.

What’s that, your Finno-Ugric language skills aren’t what they used to be? Roughly translated, that amazing string of chewy consonants and voluptuous vowels states: Happiness is a place between too little and too much.

What a beautiful thought. And even though we’re just three days into 2012, I do believe it’s an insight I will carry with me throughout the year and onward. Slow down. Life is not a race;  the winner does not have the most toys. A bucket list is an empty pursuit if substituted for daily engagement. And while I don’t wish to be to preachy (oops, too late), I do think it does my soul good to recognize and honor what is good in my life before parceling out complaints about what is not. So may I embrace 2012 and my place between too little and too much, and always recognize that on a planet with many lives, wants, loves and losses, I am a fortunate man. Happy New Year friends.

What I was blogging about a year ago…Resolution One: Err on the Side of Kindness.


  1. may your path through 2012 take you nearer to
    the “too much” end of the spectrum. I think you may have had too much of too little the past couple of years

  2. Frustrated with myself for not ordering Spanish Bluebell Bulbs a month ago. Broke my foot and forgot til now. Now I have to wait til next fall. Ugh. I so love those in your pic!! Happy New Year!!

  3. Tom, you are an incredible writer !! Your words are always inspiring and poetic and hilarious ! So glad Tall Clver Farm found me over on the other side of the country … THANKS !

  4. So very true…and something we would all do well to learn. “Things” will never make you happy in the long run. Happy New Year to you, Tom…I hope you have a good one 🙂

  5. …a truly wonderful sentiment & philosophy, Tom. Thanks for reminding us that it’s often the journey not the final destination. Thanks for sharing & inspiring. Happy New Year.

  6. I agree – a wonderful sentiment. Happy New Year to you as well! Glad I stumbled across your blog last year. 🙂 And looking forward to the upcoming year in the blogosphere!

  7. Just found your blog while searching some ideas to make a branch fence here up north with the ground solid frozen.
    We moved to the Yukon almost a year ago.
    Beautiful land !
    But I do enjoy all your pictures of your lush garden etc…..after all I am Dutch


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