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The Snapshot That Cost Me My Lunch

The Snapshot That Cost Me My Lunch

washington ferry on sunny winter dayI had to take a trip “off-island” for some special wire fencing that was nowhere to be found “on-island.” After adding a quart of oil to Old Grey, and rounding up the mutts, we headed to the ferry dock to embark on our retail adventure. An hour later, this friend of the slow lane and his pooch pals, were just north of Marysville, procuring what seemed to be the only fence rolls of double ornamental loop on the West Coast. Mission accomplished, we headed home.

Clouds consumed the sky on our departure; high winds scattered them on our return.  The sun, now a rare jewel to behold, was like a star sapphire bursting through the wisps of retreating clouds. With camera in hand, I exited my truck to find the perfect photo-op perch–off to the bow of the ferry.  Gracie and Boz’s deafening snores bid me adieu.

Boz and Gracie looking guiltyWhen I returned to the truck, Boz and Gracie were up and looking guilty. I know the look; avoid eye contact and act invisible.

English Bulldog in a truckGracie tried a new tactic, peering from her passenger side den with steely indifference. (“I vont to be alone.”)

English bulldog in a truckBoz on the other hand couldn’t hide the lie; his mug was awash in guilty paint. (“Gracie made me do it.”)

pizza box as evidenceThen I remembered I had left some leftovers in the truck. (They don’t call them doggie bags for nothing.) A pizza box with puncture wounds was all I needed to see. With pizza wedges now undigested and resting in the bellies of two soon-to-be gassy bulldogs, I did learn something (besides never leaving food in the truck); Boz and Gracie are not fans of calamari.

No hard feelings B&G, it was my fault to tempt you. Besides, I’d gladly sacrifice my lunch leftovers any day for a few minutes of sea and sky like that. Bon Appétit!


  1. You should send the calamari to my Scrappy Doo. The name is appropriate. How could one be angry in the face of those faces? Absolutely beautiful photographs – well worth the gas-y results.

  2. At least it wasn’t something (like an entire bag of foil-wrapped dark chocolate Santas!) for which they’d need an emergency room visit… (It’s happened more times than I want to admit.)


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