Home Improvement: Embracing My Inner Ungar{39}

Boz, prefers to keep his distance while supervising my DIY antics.

As a self-admitted Oscar Madison, I’ve battled my inner Felix Unger for years, knowing somewhere inside there is a neatnik, a man who could learn to hang up his clothes, finish dishes the actual day he dines on them, treat his vacuum as a friend rather than foe, and mop a floor before dust bunnies annex his bedroom into their personal warren.

When a friend dropped by to return a borrowed tool, he chided me, “Uh Tom, the house is not looking very blog presentable. If readers only knew.”  Oh that hurt, not so sure he gets to borrow my sawzall any time soon. He was right, though. I may have to change Tall Clover Farm to Casa del Disarray. Fortunately I do have an excuse. In my world, home improvement trumps house cleaning. The minute the tools come out, my interest in cleaning takes a holiday. Why spruce up the place when drywall dust and paint cans will rule the roost until further notice. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been working on:Before: My mudroom was aptly named, a catchall for boots, tools, wet dogs and general clutter.

After: I removed old drywall and exposed original surfaces, then primed, painted, fashioned a fir floor and then rechristened the space as a sun-room.Before: A little storage on the back porch.After: A lot of storage on the back porch, thanks to some salvaged fir doors on new slider tracks and new shelving.

remodel mudroom

Nothing like an old sink to bring utility and convenience to the mudroom.

Allowing my outer Oscar equal time, I offer a view of home improvement collateral damage: my kitchen–part workshop, part cooktop.

Stay tuned for part two, when I unveil the old kitchen nook as the new Cloud Room. And against my better judgement I may also share a few snapshots courtesy of my less presentable self, Oscar Madison.