Home Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

May Day at My House

May Day, May Day... The sun is rising with a gusto usually reserved for July, and I'm just about to take the last good swig...

Room Makeover: Sleeping Porch to Orderly Office

home office remodel
Confession: I'm no neatnik. Oh, you guessed as much?  Dang. I apparently posted one too many photographs exposing my penchant for clutter and collecting....

Warn and Welcome: Old Bell for a New Gate

garden gate welcoming bell
Saved by the Bell...  My elegant early warning system; more of a ga-long, ga-long, than a ding-dong, ding-dong. My kitchen nook and home office are one...

Bird in the House, Beauty in Hand

warbler in the room
A feathered friend finds an elegant perch.  Bird on a Wire... Yesterday, I came in to feed the dogs and ferret through the fridge for the...

Tarps Be Gone: New Roof for an Old Barn

blue tarp roof barn
2004: Of the eight structures original to the property, the machine shop is  the only out building remaining. The original farm, established in 1888, grew...

Farm Photos: The Week in Review

Outside my window, bluebells lap at the trunk of a bigleaf maple. A few warms days on the island, and Mother Nature takes notice. The...

Painting My House in the Hues of Summer

painting my house with jon
Painting my house in the colors of summer Before: Peach Palette for the Peach Palace; Boz remains neutral. My house has enjoyed a bit of local...

Lazy Days of Summer: A Progress Report

Chubby peach cheeks: I picked a bumper crop of  three peaches from my Avalon Pride tree--delicious all! Don't laugh, but today we will likely...

Snow Days and the Power of the Outage

Snow days and the beauty afoot!Every year I plan on being prepared for the torrent of Pacific winter storms that buffet coast, home and...

Home Improvement: Embracing My Inner Ungar

Boz, prefers to keep his distance while supervising my DIY antics. As a self-admitted Oscar Madison, I've battled my inner Felix Unger for years, knowing...