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Home Sweet Home

Vashon Farmhouse

Time to Remove the Siding

Curing a Bad Case of Shingles...House Shingles In 2004, my very patient realtor led me up a gravel lane to a hilltop setting of monumental...

I Planted a Tree for Someone’s Tomorrow

In the summer, I begin my morning with a walk about the property, coffee cup in hand, bulldog in tow, boots adrip with dew. Daylight does...

Rebuilding My Porch and DIY Credibility

I keep a mental to-do list, a growing index of things I want to get done, or more importantly that need my attention, or better put, needed...

The Journey That Led Home

This winter, I am suffering from (dare I say) Blogger's Block, where my eyes stare at the laptop, my fingers go through typing exercises, and...

May Day at My House

May Day, May Day... The sun is rising with a gusto usually reserved for July, and I'm just about to take the last good swig...
home office remodel

Room Makeover: Sleeping Porch to Orderly Office

Confession: I'm no neatnik. Oh, you guessed as much?  Dang. I apparently posted one too many photographs exposing my penchant for clutter and collecting....
garden gate welcoming bell

Warn and Welcome: Old Bell for a New Gate

Saved by the Bell...  My elegant early warning system; more of a ga-long, ga-long, than a ding-dong, ding-dong. My kitchen nook and home office are one...
warbler in the room

Bird in the House, Beauty in Hand

A feathered friend finds an elegant perch.  Bird on a Wire... Yesterday, I came in to feed the dogs and ferret through the fridge for the...
blue tarp roof barn

Tarps Be Gone: New Roof for an Old Barn

2004: Of the eight structures original to the property, the machine shop is  the only out building remaining. The original farm, established in 1888, grew...

Farm Photos: The Week in Review

Outside my window, bluebells lap at the trunk of a bigleaf maple. A few warms days on the island, and Mother Nature takes notice. The...
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