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Leftovers, Line the Corners of my Plate…

Leftovers, Line the Corners of my Plate…

Last night, before I waddled into my carbo-induced coma and awaiting bed, I heard the song, The Way We Were. And this morning I’m still hearing the song, The Way We Were. Since I can’t eject the ditty from my internal soundtrack, I have decided to put my time to good use (since I moving slower than a slug in the summer sun), and alter the lyrics a wee bit, in honor of the day after Thanksgiving and the way I was.

Divine dollops, tasty trinity: creamed spinach, bread pudding & savory dressing

Leftovers (as sung to the melody of The Way We Were)

Line the edges of my plate
Globs of gravy-covered memories
Of the food I ate
Scattered giblets
Platters heaped with home-cooked love
Morsels too rich to finish eating,
Of the food I left behind

Could it be that it was all so tasty then,
Or has tryptophan rewritten every bite?
If I had the chance to eat all again,
Tell me, would I? Could I?

May be delicious and yet,
While I ate too much to digest,
I simply have no regrets

For its all the trimmings,
I will remember
Whenever I remember,
The leftovers on my plate,
The leftovers on my plate,

A special thanks to Lisa and Erik for inspiring my in-head singalong, and for the kind of hospitality that makes a friend feel like family.

No Boz, your doggie  bag is in the fridge.

Thanksgiving Pacific Northwest Style

The menu


  • Cheese plate, spanikopita, cheese puffs


  • smoked chicken
  • roasted chicken
  • grilled salmon
  • wilted chard, pine nut salad
  • roasted winter vegetables
  • sweet potato souffle
  • creamed spinach
  • buttered mashed potatoes
  • savory, fruity bread dressing
  • homemade sourdough bread


  • pumpkin pie
  • Brioche bread pudding and whiskey hard sauce

Even though I’m plopped on the sofa unable to move from my post-gorge inertia, I’m thinking a little bread pudding with my morning coffee may be in order. (Just a little, really.) Warm wishes and full plates to you all.

What was on your Thanksgiving menu?


  1. Google “Im sexy and I know it” and” The Way we Were” will be pushed right out of that pretty little head. Fabulous looking meal, I soooo miss good salmon here in SoCal 🙁 Did the Epicurious balsamic turkey with carmelized onion gravy… BEST GRAVY EVER!!!!

    • Ah Laura, gravy did you say gravy? (Drooling) Oh I’m hopping over to epicurious for the recipe and then perhaps a little visit to iTunes to dispel both of those songs. 😉

  2. Oh how funny!!
    I love the menu–I had to make turkey (blech!!)
    I would have much preferred roast chicken, but hubby has been a dear lately, so I had to be nice. But just this once!!

  3. Tom you are too hilarious! Love, love the menu, love the tunes, and especially the picture of Boz patiently waiting! By the way, this is scary…I woke up the other day with Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in my head…all day!

  4. Well, thanks for putting that tune in my head, Tom! At least visions of Robert Redford in his prime go with it! 🙂 Sounds like an outstanding time with some amazing food and I certainly think a little of that bread pudding for breakfast makes perfect sense. Jealous! (So I’m like Boz I guess. LOL)


  5. Oh my gosh – your plate of leftovers is a symphony! Love the menu, love the song and you’ve done it again – made me laugh. We had a rotisserie roasted turkey that darn near flew off the Weber, but shh, that’s the Big Guy’s secret. LOL Bread pudding – mmm, I know what I’m making later!

  6. Our family’s claim to Thanksgiving fame is that my hubby barbecues the turkey and it is so delicious no one can believe their taste buds. He soaks mesquite wood chips in water, then places them on the coals just before the bird goes on the webber. He also makes a melted butter/herb combo and then soaks a sheet of cheesecloth with it and lays it over the turkey breast to keep it moist. It’s a smokey, juicy, flavorful treat. No more dried out turkeys for us!
    Also, I plan to copy your TWWW original lyrics and will be singing them to my family next year. Way to go, Tom!

  7. Too much on the plate(s) to write…as I was on the high seas enjoying so, so, so much food!
    We need to catch up soon friend. Thanks for the email checking in. Much to chat about…makes the thought of a clown pale in comparison!
    Thankful for you, our friendship and the much needed warmth you send to my heart…<3

  8. Oh Tom,

    How delicious! That plate makes my mouth
    water 😛 And yes unfortunately the salmon here in So. CA sucks 🙁 Your song cracked me up 😀
    I was lazy this year, and so I did something very
    different…. I ordered Thanksgiving tamales from the Tucson Tamale Co. I was pleasantly surprised!! They are so awesome & yummy!! 😛
    Roasted turkey , Fresh cranberry,onion,celery
    with Fresh Sage Masa & Sweet Pumpkin Tamales for dessert!! They tasted exactly like
    a slice of pumpkin pie with the spices being spot
    on! I already want more and probably will order some before Christmas since it is only Nov. & Dec.for these bad boys! Again thanks for sharing a Vashon Island Thanksgiving!!

    • Roberta, I’m liking the turkey twist and bringing in some tamales. In the summer, we have a favorite stop in Eastern Washington (Yakima) where we eat our weight in homemade tamales, that is before hitting the fruit stands and farmers market.


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