Picking Favorites: Great Tomatoes for Puget Sound{21}

Don’t let cool summers keep you from growing the season’s finest garden treat. Of all the tomatoes I planted this year, here are some my favorites, based on taste, robust growth and prolific nature. These are great tomatoes for you backyard garden.


Northern Exposure tomato is an all around winner: beautiful round deep red baseball-size toms –firm, meaty, flavorful and possessing an impressive shelf life of up to a week after picked. The plant is bushy, well-behaved and determinate (only grows to about three feet). blog_northern_exposure_sliced

Old German tomato was new for me this year, planted as a substitute f0r my all-time favorite Pineapple tomato. I’d have to say Old German is my new favorite as the largest, sweetest and meatiest slicing tomato in the garden this year (and the plant was robust to boot).blog_Old_German_tomato

A crazy kaleidoscope of yellow, orange and red, it’s almost seedless and packs a dense meaty goodness that makes it my preferred BLT tomato.


Two slices manage to cover half a sliced baguette. blog_German_blt

Too many BLTs, so little time

Snow White and Sugar Lump Cherry Tomatoes: small size, but big flavor


White Wonder tomato is also new to me, a novelty of sorts that pays off with sweet melting low-acid flavor that makes it a pleasure to eat simply with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.blog_sliced_whtwonder_tomato

White Wonder is not the most vigorous vine, but I was happy with the ten or so medium to large fruits that found their way to my dinner plate. blog_fourth_july
Fourth of July tomato was a real winner, though ripening a month later than its namesake would suggest. It’s juicy and sweet and about the size of a ping pong ball–a perfect salad or snack tomato. The vine is very vigorous, the fruit does not split after rains, and it keeps well, too.


Lemon Boy tomato is a sharp, tangy tasting medium size tomato that adds a nice dimension to fresh eating, salads and salsa.

Amish Paste is the juiciest meatiest paste or Roma type tomato I've ever grown. It's a great fresh eating tomato and not as thick-skinned as most paste tomatoes.

Amish Paste is the juiciest meatiest paste or Roma type tomato I’ve ever grown. It’s a great fresh eating tomato and not as thick-skinned as most paste tomatoes. I found no need to skin them when I made sauce.

Boz and Gracie would rather not eat than eat a hothouse

Boz and Gracie asked that I point out they would rather tap a nap than eat a hothouse tomato. I’d also like to point out that they’d rather take a nap than do a lot of things.

My friends Beth and June (Four Green Acres) have weighed in and it looks like the Persimmon tomato has a devoted following. June, in fact, has a great blog post where she shares her top tomato picks this season. I can’t wait to try them myself and discover other new tomatoes in the coming season.What are your favorite homegrown tomatoes? What I was blogging about a year agoVioletta Fig Finishes Out the Season