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Summer Harvest Begs an Extension

Summer Harvest Begs an Extension

tomato harvest
Heirloom tomatoes: Amish Paste, White Beauty, Old German, Pineapple, Hillbilly, Lemon Boy and Sugar Lump. If I left these on the vines, October rains would sauce them for me.

Some days show up like a great performance; the key players tune up to bring you a perfect mix of light, breeze and balm. Sunday was one such day, a magical confluence of seasons where the best of summer and the best of autumn shared the stage. With rain in the forecast (for the next nine months) and a working man’s breakfast under my belt, the day was mine. The garden grew before me , laden with the fruits of summer calling for me to “Better get pickin’!”

green beans fortex
Cherry tomatoes share the box with fortex green beans, a delicious and productive haricot vert.
Boz inspects my beans
Boz inspects my work and shares a few picking tips before moving on in his inexhaustible quest for the perfect snack food.
You call those potatoes; you sure they aren’t big peanuts?  –Gracie weighs in on the spuds.

The corn is having no part of this harvest; says check back in a week or two.

What I was blogging about a year ago:  Saying Goodbye to Summer, Slowly


  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the beautiful garden pictures (It is always a bounus to get a Boz picture too.)I am thrilled to see the gardens progress since July. What a bountiful harvest of such interesting colors and shapes. The glads and corn standing so tall each showing off their flowers. It is amazing what time, love, and a lot of hard work will produce. Enjoy the Harvest! Linda

  2. Gotta love your harvest, and I especially look forward to when your corn will be ready. Our days have been a nice blend with some off days here and there, and the only tomatoes that are still producing are the Brandywines, for which I am ever so grateful!

  3. What a beautiful site, and more importantly, home and garden you have! I’m so glad you stopped by A Thinking Stomach so I was able to learn about your lovely blog.

    What kind of corn is that? It’s such a pretty color.

  4. Eileen, I just finished making ketchup (blog entry to follow) and have eaten about 679 BLTs and 321 quarts of salsa and have sauced to my heart’s content. Green tomatoes rarely woo me, so I may gift those to a friend who loves to make green tomato chutney.

  5. What beauty! (Boz too.) I’m delighted to see we share a love of the heirlooms that mix orange, red, and yellow like a sunset. I’m getting ready to review our (scant) parade of heirlooms. Which is your favorite?

    Looking forward to your ketchup recipe… So glad you had a gorgeous Sunday in your garden. Precious time!

  6. Wow – gorgeous garden Tom! Would kill for those green tomatoes you’re not fond of. As for Boz & Gracie – aren’t they good! I have a mini schnauzer that’s nut’s about veggies and he would gladly have helped you with the harvest.


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