May Day at My House{28}

A honey of a day

Sunshine and a honey of a day

May Day, May Day…

The sun is rising with a gusto usually reserved for July, and I’m just about to take the last good swig of coffee before heading out to seize the day and the to-do list. But before I do the to-do’s, let me share a few pics from around the farm, a little photo array to celebrate the first day of May!

Bluebells ring in the day with their final performance.

Bluebells shy away from the sun under the boughs of a mossy old friend.

apple blossoms

Apple blossoms make it official; spring is here!

Just like my front field fence, the days are getting longer.

Just like my front field fence, the days are getting longer.

The view from the hammock is beautiful.

The view from the hammock is beautiful.

And Boz and Gracie would argue the view of the hammock testers is equally as beautiful.

And Boz and Gracie would argue that the view of the hammock is equally as beautiful.


Hammock testing features prominently on my to-do list (and perhaps a lesson in taking better selfies).

 May-Day Update…

handsome adam with May Day tulips

Adam: Tulip Troubadour and all-around great guy

Eager to reach my ultimate May-Day goal of hammock testing and bulldog bonding, I began to whine (to myself) about the overloaded chore list I had created, thinking next time two items max. As I rounded the house to investigate Boz’s barks (different from his begging kind), I could see a tin of bobbing tulips headed my way. Behind those cheerful spring flowers was a smile equally as bright. My friend Adam was on a mission to share some May-Day joy. Truth be told, Adam could bring me a zip-loc of laundry lint and I’d be delighted. Despite my efforts, I could not talk him into a quick visit. I could see by the back of his truck that he had other deliveries to make, and other islanders to surprise. And with that, I thanked him and thought how could the day get any better? In addition to receiving this big-hearted bouquet, I had already moved a truckload of manure, weeded a raspberry row, and mulched said berry plants. And then, Boz, Gracie, and my back chimed in and said, “Call it a day, and hit the hammock.” And with that I came to realize, lists written in pencil can benefit from the action of an eraser. To the hammock, I went! Good day, friends! Good Day!