A Foggy Day in Vashon Town

A Foggy Day in Vashon Town
upstairs view foggy day
View North: Chandelier crystals capture what little light prevails this foggy day.

Fog has been a needy companion this week, hugging our island with a fervent embrace reminiscent of a hapless guest who doesn’t understand personal space or overstaying one’s welcome. After a week, I must say the tides have turned and we’ve become reluctant friends. I call it the weather Stockholm Syndrome. As a prisoner to the fog, I must make nice and survive in close quarters with my captor.

fall color vashon island
View west: Crimson Glory grape vine takes center stage on an old, wonderfully artful madrona snag.

When the fog greeted me again this morning, I wanted to capture some of the beauty of its atmospheric airbrushing.  I took my trusty point-and-shoot and peered out  of my favorite upstair windows and framed the mood of a day slowed down.

foggy view guest room Vashon Island
The kind of guest-room view that makes it okay to stay in bed a little longer.

My second-story crows nest affords me some lovely views and quiet daydreams before I start my day. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

bigleaf maple vashon island
Looking east: Next to the bare summer table, the bigleaf maple readies itself for a long and well-deserved rest.
foggy woods Vashon island
To the south, the untamed forest keeps its distance.
bigleaf maple foggy day vashon
Downstairs, the back stoop is a fine spot to enjoy the day’s first cup of coffee and the season’s first call for a sweater.

And should you need a soundtrack for your foggy morning, it doesn’t get any better than Louis and Ella singing A Foggy Day in London Town. (Ella joins in at 2:00.)  Now, maybe just one more cup of coffee for me and it will lift of little of my fog.

14 thoughts on “A Foggy Day in Vashon Town”

  • That was a wonderful post. Fog, though it can be a bother, is really beautiful if you just look as you did. I imagine a week would be a bit much though. The addition of the song pulled it all together. Thank you!!!

    • Michelle, I do not live in Shire, but I can see it from my back porch. And as for Mr. Eliot, I shall seek out his poem in the days to come.

  • ( I just noticed I used two literary references back to back, entirely without thinking, and now it looks as though I think TS Eliot wrote The Hobbit. No no! Eliot has this long poem that includes a sublimely personified fog. The Shire thing was separate. 🙂

  • Nice photos, Tom, and Louis and Ella…what a great posting. I can see why you left the big city. That last photo looks like a magical forest. Enjoy.

  • Great post Tom. We get some foggy mornings in north Louisiana, but not nearly as many as further south. I love the new picture on the banner of your house in the fog!

  • I am getting a little tired of the fog myself – I don’t like riding the motorcycle to work when it’s foggy so the car has been getting too much exercise. David and I did find a place without fog on Sunday – Concrete, up in the North Cascades. We also discovered the persistent aroma of dead and rotting salmon caught in the eddies of the Sauk River. No. 5 it’s not!

    As usual, your place looks enchanting with the maple leaves settling on the ferns and the mystery forest in the background. Lucky you!

  • This fog has been very strange. How long can this keep going on? Feels like I haven’t seen the sun in weeks! I like it for the most part, but every day? Oh well, guess I’ll just drink more coffee.

  • Tom, we have had foggy mornings here in the Willamette Valley, but they give way to sunny blue and gold days. I am trying to mentally store up sunshine for the gray days ahead. Wish I could send you some! As always, I greatly enjoy your photographs.

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