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My Strawberry Cake Is Going to the Dogs

sour cream pound cake, whipped cream and strawberries
This weekend all roads on the island lead to the Vashon Strawberry Festival as we celebrate 102 years of bringing together friends, family, fried...

Rhubarb Pickles: Fresh Chips Off the Old Stalk

rhubarb pickles jarred up
Rhubarb Pickles for a change of paceRhubarb pickle chips: easy to make, easy to eat. Last Saturday, the third of July, I was enjoying a...

Heritage Recipe: Rhubarb Berry Cake Pudding

Recipe updated February 2013; a few fixes for a better cake pudding. Rhubarb rocks and rules in my garden and kitchen.  As spring's first crop,...

Duck, Duck, Goose…Chicken and the Egg

Goose egg, Duck egg, chicken egg
Behold the incredible, edible egg...I love fresh eggs, unfortunately raccoons love fresh chickens. After a four-year assault on my chicken coop, the masked bandits...

Making My Mark: A Cure for the Common Cold

cure for the common cold
Like most men, I complain when I'm sick. (Cough, sneeze, whine, repeat.) Fortunately for friends and family alike, Boz and Gracie endure my pithy...

Winter Pear Salad: A Gifted Dish

winter pear salad
The good, among the bad and the ugly of the refrigerator. After the holidays, my refrigerator can resemble a food morgue with rows of Tupperware...

Eggnog Ice Cream: The Easiest Recipe Ever

bowl of eggnog ice cream
Eggnog Ice Cream - About as easy (and delicious) as it gets!I've never met a doughy spatula, messy mixing bowl or sauce-covered whisk I...

Slicin’ Up Some Chanterelle Mushroom Pie

The rain has returned and so has my need for comfort food, the kind of chow that warms me like another log on the...

Three Bean Salad Recipe: Healthy, Simple, Fresh

healthy three bean salad recipe
Three Bean Salad Recipe Goes Fresh! Three bean salad is a side dish screaming for a makeover. This canned bean deli staple has the potential to sing not...

Chutney Love: Recipe for Preserving Summer

fresh fruit chutney
  Whether praising peaches, exalting raspberries or ogling apricots, I'd have to say I gush over seasonal fruit. What I don't grow well (and that's a big category...