Home Recipes Apricot Appetizer: Easy, Pretty and Berry Tasty

Apricot Appetizer: Easy, Pretty and Berry Tasty

Apricot Appetizer: Easy, Pretty and Berry Tasty

Freshly anchored: Blackberries in apricot boats

Yesterday my dear friend Julie turned 40 (such a young thing), a milestone ushered in by her close friends and husband Matt. Matty as she likes to call him (though we may not)  had planned a surprise birthday party for her at our friend Kurt’s farm, as dreamy a place to celebrate on a sunny day as I can imagine. A man of quiet charm, Matt was like an anxious school boy on his first date. He worried unnecessarily, fidgeted readily and paced purposefully before the birthday girl’s  arrival.

In the end, Julie was surprised, Matt was delighted and we were there to share hugs and celebrate friendships. We ate, we drank, we basked in the warmth of both an August sun and our radiant Julie–a summer memory that will carry me well through next spring.

apricot appetizer on a platter

My contribution, a dish befitting the birthday girl:  something sweet, vibrant and fresh.

RECIPE: Apricot Berry Boat Appetizer


  • Berries (raspberries, blackberries, even sweet cherries work)
  • Apricots (on the small size)
  • Honey (or fruit jelly)


  1. Slice apricots in half, remove pit
  2. Gently toss berries in a bowl with a tablespoon of honey to coat berries lightly
  3. If you don’t have honey, heat up a little jelly and coat the berries with that, again lightly
  4. Drop a berry onto apricot half
  5. Arrange artfully on a plate


  • Add goat cheese (get a little fancier and add a tiny dollop of goat cheese (from LaBiondo Farm & Kitchen) between the apricot and berry)

apricot appetizer

Happy Birthday Julie!

Unsuspecting Julie walking into our celebratory (albeit surprise) embrace.

…And they lived happily ever after.


  1. If I could, I would invite you to every dinner party. You are a dazzler and the apricots and berries…picture perfect and I know, they tasted wonderful!!

  2. That’s such a cute and so wholesome party dish! Wonderful idea, too.

    We adore your blog Tom so we tagged you today on ours for My 7 Links. Can’t wait to read about your favorite seven.

  3. Lovely, simply lovely. Simple, calorically responsible and beautiful too. Happy birthday to Julie! The 40’s are the BEST (if I can remember that far back)

    • Stephanie, thank you, I do try to behave, or least look as though I could. I do feel very fortunate to live where I do and for the people around me, (including online pals, too) thanks again. Tom

  4. Hi Tom
    Let me start by saying, I am a pretty busy person. That said, I stumbled on your blog yesterday and starting reading back through the archive. I couldn’t stop. I just finished. It was the most entertaining blog I’ve ever read. And…I am a bit of a blog junkie, so I’ve read a LOT. I have added your blog to my list with a note to read the archive. Thank you for a most entertaining evening and morning. (I’ve been reading since 5am)

    • WOW Erin, you made my day, what a kind kind comment, such words are fuel for future posts. When its rainy outside and I’m mopey inside, I return to your generous words and get moving again. Thank you, truly. Tom


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