Video Tour: Doting Over the Daffodils

crocus blooms in spring
Daffodils: Spring's Brightest Garden Performers  [youtube] Click on the image above to start the tour. Spring Stroll Through the Daffodils I wanted to mark the first day...

Fruit Tree Nurseries

My growing list of Fruit Tree Nurseries I get a lot of questions from readers about where to buy fruit trees and berries, so I'll...

Sticks and Stones Have Found a Home

Sticks and stones never looked so good. Sticks and Stones may break my bones, and render my lawnmower useless. Not quite the child's rhyme, but...

Video: Early September Garden Tour

garden tour front field
Garden Tour, Front Field It's been about a month (a very dry month) since my last garden tour video. Here's the latest look at my...

Homegrown Video: How Does My Garden Grow?

kale starts
Homegrown Video and What's in my GardenKale starts, two months later you did me proud. Having discovered the video setting on my point-and-shoot camera, has...

Lawn to Meadow: Gardening on the Wild Side

foxglove in bloom
Lawn to Meadow: A Lovely TransitionLeft to their own devices, scattered foxglove seeds will stage a powerfully pink floor show and reseed for years...

Flower Aristocracy: Grand Dames of the Garden

fragrant white lily
Regale Lily, one of my favorite flowers, beautiful, fragrant and easy to grow. As a guest speaker at the Vashon Island Garden Tour, I'm about...

War of the Roses: Behind the Scenes

A bent wheelbarrow tells part of the story My projects are aplenty, and it goes without saying some due tasks are less desirable than others....

Francois Dubreuil: The Little Red Rose That Could

red rose in a pot
Francois Dubreuil and I go way back, both having been transplanted from Seattle close to a decade ago.  As a rose, he is a...

Lewisia: My Favorite Martian Flower

I have a theory, that the fleshy-leaf, flower-flashing Lewisia (aka bitterroot) is not of this world.  Horticulturalists will tell you the diminutive beauty was...