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Video: Early September Garden Tour

Video: Early September Garden Tour
flower field in bloom

Garden Tour, Front Field

garden tour front field
My front flower field in bloom

It’s been about a month (a very dry month) since my last garden tour video. Here’s the latest look at my vegetable garden in early September. Cameo appearances by Boz and Gracie. (Special thanks to Richele at Lumika Creative)

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  1. Oh, you’ve gone all uptown with the video production. Very nice! I had to laugh…Boz the Bean Eater, so cute! We have a tomato thief on our farm, we’re trying to teach her there’s no ‘self-service’ in the garden. It’s my fault, I’d always throw her the split ones…and then I created a monster!

    We had a similar problem with our poultry fence, and ended up snipping the bottom wire (the one that is first to come in contact with the weeds as they grow). It helps immensely.

    Do I spy a large drip irrigation project on the horizon at Tall Clover Farm? If you need a recommendation for a parts supplier, email me. We’ve been very happy with ours.

    • Thanks Claire for the tips and referral, I’ll check in with you shortly regarding your irrigation recommendations. As for tomato thieves, Boz is really allergic to nightshades and gets hives and all swollen, so I keep him focused on the greens and the beans. 😉 Take care, talk to you soon, Tom

  2. Tom,

    Nice video and great garden!!

    I built my own drip irrigation system a few years ago. It’s so nice to simply set up an automatic timer (say 30 minutes every 3 days) and know that the garden watering will take care of itself.

    After measuring everything, drawing maps, calculating how much hose I needed, and adding up all the necessary parts, I ordered everything from http://www.dripirrigation.com.

    They have instructions on how to build drip systems, too. I spaced my driplines 16″ apart, but you can use anything between 12-18 inches.

    Here’s the parts list:

    Main line: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/794

    Drip line: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/284

    Compression fittings: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_categories/104

    Filter: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/328

    Back-flow preventer: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/47

    Pressure regulator: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/45

    Stakes: http://www.dripirrigation.com/drip_irrigation_parts/734

    It’s work to set up, but it’s fun, and once you’re done, it’s awesome!!

    • Thanks Linda, I’ll pass on the message to B&G.
      And Erika, thanks for taking all the time to send and compile these irrigation links for parts. Really appreciate it and now I’m off to go study up on it thanks to you. Cheers

  3. Great video! I really enjoy these. Looks like you need a fence not only for deer, but for Boz. My Pipi only likes her green beans seared in olive oil, but nothing stops her from going into my garden and eating all of my Purple Cherokee.

  4. I’m completely smitten with your blog. Not sure what I enjoy more … the recipes, the garden video tours or Boz and Gracie. It’s all sooo good. Thank you for sharing your slice of Vashon heaven with us. Great fun.

  5. Great video!!! Love the intro too and the music in the background! Impressed! your dog bean lover is so funny, he could be a character in a movie or a detective serie. Like your method of watering!

  6. That Richele is a peach. Way kewl start.

    My youngest came to live with us for a season, when he was not working he went out for midnight cigarettes and snacks with my pups (small terriers). The puppies did not take up smoking but they got hooked on veggie snacking. Begging tricks for snap peas in spring, beans in fall, blueberries in between. I have to watch um when I harvest. Otherwise I pick and pick but never make headway. They snatch my produce from the pan while my head is buried in the bushes. In exchange they plant bones as if they were potatoes.

    Most of my corn is frozen….except the flint corn. The tube pan was an awesome idea. Thanks!
    Debs of the Toy Box Suburban Farm

  7. The video is Awe-Some! Love it. Next time wear your straw bowler hat with the ribbon band and you’ll put Martha to shame. I sure hope you get tax credits for your NW farm.

    • Janet thanks for not giving up on making a comment with a math problem included. I’m currently dealing with some weirdness in my site’s platform, especially in the comment realm. Most frustrating, but I’m working on fixing it. Take Care. Tom


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