Home Gardening Homegrown Video: How Does My Garden Grow?

Homegrown Video: How Does My Garden Grow?

Homegrown Video: How Does My Garden Grow?

Homegrown Video and What’s in my GardenKale starts, two months later you did me proud.

Having discovered the video setting on my point-and-shoot camera, has emboldened me to embrace my inner Scorsese. I fear my first attempts are home-movie bad, but bear with me and I know I shall offer a future directorial  debut worthy of your viewing. For now, here’s the homegrown, hand-held tour of my vegetable garden, where every take is an outtake. For now I’ve listed the varieties below (since my memory eluded me during taping):

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5

Row 6

Row 7:  Tomatoes

Row 8: Dry Beans

Row 9: Summer Squash

Row 10

Row 11

Row 12: Winter Squash

Row 13





  1. I’m sorry your eggplants aren’t more robust. I know if I’d planted them here the previous two summers, they would have looked the same. We’re fortunate this year that we have lots of good sun, and a lot less coastal fog, so they’re growing great. I’m loving ‘Little Fingers’, it’s been very prolific. I wonder if you planted them through a black or red plastic soil cover, if that would help warm your soil enough for them next year? Overall, I think your garden looks fabulous. Love the oats, and the corn. I never did well with sweet corn myself, but maybe I should a corn variety for flour/polenta. I see you’re growing Boston Marrow too! Hope they have lots of room to roam, I was shocked how large the plants (and the fruits) got last year. Ours stored for almost 10 months too!

  2. Hot Diggity! That is one impressive garden, sir.

    Very interested in hearing about how your oats and flint corn perform! I like your thinking regarding both. We’re trying Bumblebee and Ireland Creek Annie shelling beans this year for the first time because, well, i’d rather shell & store dry beans than can a bunch of green ones.

    Wishing You Continued Green Thumb Goodness,

  3. Have you read the book “Vertical Gardening” by Derek Fell? You would love it with all the ideas he gives for growing a ton of veges in not much space. The cover of the book is of spghetti squash gwoing up an 8 foot mesh trellis!

  4. Fabulous video Tom of your beautiful garden …gosh almighty, it’s big enough to keep you flippin’ busy! By the way, it was great to finally hear your voice too!

    • Good point Jenetta, I had started a bunch of seeds of sheep’s nose, pimento and jalapeno peppers, but missed starting them in time. Next year, next year!

  5. Corrrrrr! Love me some vegie patch porn, especially the oats and corn idea. Shall watch it over and over. Can’t wait for the next instalment 🙂

  6. Well done! What a beautiful garden, the dahlias are gorgeous. Thanks for listing everything out, I see some new to me things to try!

  7. Thanks for the excellent garden tour, Tom ! I especially liked hearing you laugh at yourself. Can’t wait to see you threshing those oats …. Everything looks really good, except for the, uh, er, eggplant.
    Your friend in Georgia, Brooks

  8. Great garden! Thanks so much for sharing and I am completely impressed with all the names you shared in your blog post including links!
    Because of you I found a few new things I am going to be looking for this winter when seed catalogs arrive..the long pie pumpkin and those Fortex beans for sure! I’m trying red flint for the 1st time this year too…with the drought I’m not so sure how its gonna do. I believe I will at least get enough for seed for next year but that might be about it.

    Great video and blog post!

    • Ola, can you believe I hand water the thing? Yep. I call it my morning and evening therapy sessions. 😉 As you can see I mulch with grass clippings which helps with lessening weeds and holding moisture. Can’t afford irrigation right now, maybe later, but then how would I spend my evening hours. 😉

  9. Okay. How adorable are you? You have an infectious giggle!

    The garden looks great! But you’re making me do math to post a comment?? Not fair.

  10. What a big garden! And you do it all by yourself?

    That’s quite impressive! You will eat all year long great produce! 😉
    A lovely video! Your viedo skills do improve;,…! 🙂

  11. Loved seeing your garden! How do you prepare the soil? Tiller? Tractor? I tried the Fortex bean this year, but our hot weather is not to its liking. We are in north Louisiana. You are zone 8 and I’m zone 8 but what a difference. Eggplants and peppers are no problem here.

    • Hi Toadgirl, Thanks, as for the soil, I plant a winter cover crop like clover and vetch, and then rototill it in spring with my small tractor. And yep hard to believe Louisiana and Seattle are the same zone, wooooo, I’d last five minutes in your summer heat and humidity. 😉

  12. Tom – I so love love your garden…I want one just like yours! Living in Sooke, on the Northwest we have even greater challenges with cool damp foggy weather. Your garden looks amazing! We recently were on Salt Spring Island and we went to the farmer’s market. They too have the most amazing produce – to die for. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. Quite a garden! And very nice to get to see it in person. However, I was getting a little motion sickness in the pumpkin/squash patch. Just sayin’….:o)

  14. Tom – have you tried a hot box for winter? My dad used to window hinged on a frame then buried manure under thick bed and the manure kept the thing heated overnight. This was Indiana.

  15. SO nice to travel around your garden with you and to see you and hear your voice and laugh and yours is advice that I’d actually FOLLOW. More please.


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