Dogwood Bough Under a Big Dipper Sky

Dogwood blossoms Cloud 9
My front porch is for company, the back porch for me. It's my take-five spot, a compact stoop just barely big enough for a...

Spring Garden Tour: This Bud’s for You!

Vulcan Magnolia front and center, taking  its long-awaited bow The old place is draped in spring, and may I say it's most becoming. Thanks to...

How to Prune Raspberries

fresh ripe raspberries ready to pick
Early spring before full bud break is the right time to prune raspberries, and there is a system--one that hopefully simplifies the process so...

Green Tomatoes: I’ll Tell You What to Do With Them

Green tomatoes
Not sure where my content went. What I was blogging about a year ago: Peach Jam: A Recipe for Preserving Summer

How to Make a Trellis for Your Potted Plants

Trellis in a pot and some towering support Every year I lose potted plants to freezing temperatures. Like Charlie Brown, I never learn.  Just as...

Homegrown Postcard: Dahlias by the Bucketful

tall clover farm dahlias
Dahlias, stealing the show, one stem at a time... Dahlias and distractions take center stage today. For once, I'm a loss for words and eager...

Lilies: How to Make Lily Flowers Last Longer

oriental lily
Boz and I share a love of lilies; me for its beauty and perfume; Boz for its vertical nature. Lilies, Oh Won't You Stay Just...

Vashon Garden Tour: Where the Grass Was Greener

foxglove in bloom
I take my hat off (Elmer Fudd wants it back) to any homeowner brave and hardworking enough to participate in a garden tour. For...

Vermiculture: Tom’s New Can of Worms

vermiculture worm castings
How to Make a Cheap and Portable Worm Compost Bin Black Gold, Tall Clover Tea: Homegrown worm castings and compost are in your grasp My interest...

Why Make Compost? Glad You Asked.

Worm Wrangler compost bin
Seattle leads the nation in home composting, an impressive development thanks to the City of Seattle and King County's effort to make it easy...