Garden Photos: Remains of the Day


Garden Photos of a Seasons Past

I thought a break in the drizzle and my labor camp duties would be a fine time to revisit some garden curiosities with my camera, especially before the tiller tines erased all clues. Nature is beautiful even in decay, and the remnants of seasons past make for artful subjects.

A Closer Look at My Garden in Early Spring

Lichen weaves a feathery tapestry atop an apple tree twig.

Nature’s pinata: the dried hollow shell of a crookneck squash, seed treats long gone.

Golden petals a distant memory, a weathered sunflower crown still holds court in the garden.

Tomatoes may rot on the ground, but their skins survive.

Lacy skeleton: The tomatillo husk revealed.

Lacinato kale florets, as pretty as they are delicious.

Like shredded ribbons, sun-bleached vines retrace the path to last autumn’s pumpkins.

Exposed  honeycomb: a sad reminder of an empty hive and the  fragility of the honeybee .

Hope  you enjoyed the images of my garden at rest. Under a full moon, and in earshot of a chorus of frogs, a new season approaches, the soil reveals life and seeds are planted. What is old feeds that which is new. Growing  joy.


  1. Hi there ! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and it is truly a pleasure. The photos are gorgeous ! I don’t garden, but have always been fascinated by people who do. I’m thinking that if I ever have the courage to begin a garden, I’m pretty certain you would be an inspiration. thank-you for a beautiful blog ! best, melanie

    • Thank you so much Melanie for the kind words. Such kind remarks make weeding and digging and mowing much more pleasant. I hope to continue to share fun adventures and prized posies from my garden and farm.


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