Best Plants for Pollinators: Tips and Regional Guides

Plants for Pollinators, Info for Gardeners No doubt, I am the largest, most flightless, furless bumblebee around, but a man's got to do what a...

Gobbled Up by Green

Keeping up with the Weedashians... If I kept a diary, no doubt I would scribe the same words of panic each spring, "Everything is growing...

Dividing Daffodil Bulbs: Little Work for a Lot of Blooms

In my garden, spring is heralded by a cheerful brass section of daffodils, all eager to trumpet the advent of longer and warmer days....

Say “Good Morning,” Gracie…

[youtube] (Double click image to start video) Good morning! I'm usually up at the crack 'o thirty, stumbling about the old house with a toothbrush...

Greenhouse Construction Update: Supervisors Found Sleeping on the Job

Boz the bulldog naps in the construction zone
 Boz found sleeping on the job I joked with a friend this week, that it took Noah less time to build an ark then it...

I’ll Take Garden Potpourri for $200, Alex

Rose Pink Flamingo shows off its flower power. I'm a secret fan of Jeopardy. I watch intently when time allows, and blurt out the answers...

Bonkers for Bluebells in Bloom

big leaf maple in a sea of bluebells
Bluebells steal the spring scene Every late April and early May my garden is flooded by a sea of bluebells. Strolling through the garden seems...

Hooping It Up: The Greenhouse Is Covered!

interior hoophouse
The hoophouse crowned: Clouds parted, the angels sang. A Greenhouse Grows! Building a hoophouse--make that a large hoophouse--has been a life lesson in humility. I believe...

Garden Photos: Remains of the Day

tomatillo husks dried flowers
Garden Photos of a Seasons Past I thought a break in the drizzle and my labor camp duties would be a fine time to revisit...

When a Greenhorn Builds a Greenhouse

interior look at high tunnel hoophouse
Hooping It Up With a Greenhouse Down on the Farm Sun Island Farm's hoophouse: similar to what mine will look like. About a year ago, I...