Home Recipes Figs in a Blanket: Tucking In Some Amazing Flavor

Figs in a Blanket: Tucking In Some Amazing Flavor

Figs in a Blanket: Tucking In Some Amazing Flavor

figs in a blanket recipe: figs, goat cheese and bacon

Fig in a blanket: sweet, savory, earthy, and easy to make

As a blogging goes, I try not to repeat myself. (If only I could apply this to real life.) While no one likes reruns, remakes are another story.   So if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to request a mulligan, a recipe do-over.

I first wrote about my Cheesy Fig Bombs in 2008. With a new crop of figs before me and some experience behind me, the recipe deserves a re-visit and surely some better photography.

Violette du Bordeaux (Negronne) Fig and Green Fig Dessert King

Homegrown figs: Negronne (Violette du Bordeaux) Fig and Dessert King Fig

RECIPE: Figs in a Blanket

Figs stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon


  • Fresh figs
  • goat cheese, chevre
  • thin-sliced bacon

fresh figs sliced in half


  1. Trim fig’s stem (remove any woody part)
  2. Slice fig in half
  3. Place a dollop of goat cheese on sliced side of fig
  4. Gently press cheese into fig
  5. Place figs on baking sheet or ovenproof pan

goat cheese topped figs

Preparation, cont’d:

  1. Cut a bacon strip in half.
  2. Place bacon over cheese and fig.
  3. Trim bacon so it overhangs fig.
  4. Bacon shrinks, so it should touch cooking surface, like an oversized blanket.

bacon covered figs

 Preparation, cont’d:

  • Set oven to broil setting.
  • Place figs two rack levels below broiler.
    • You want a slow broil
  • Broil about 10 minutes, keep an eye on them throughout.
  • Bacon will shrink, crisp up a bit, and encapsulate the fig.
  • Goat cheese will melt and the fig will carmelize a bit.
  • Remove when bacon is half chewy, half crispy. (See first photo.)
  • Let cool to touch before eating
  • Devour at will.

Boz and Gracie anticipate a snack

As you can see from the response above, this recipe is a crowd pleaser–disappearing within minutes of leaving the oven.

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  1. Bacon as a blanket. I loooooove it. Also, I just read that figs are really flowers turned into themselves and am wondering if that’s true. Do you know?

  2. Tom,

    Oh my those look lovely. We had some wonderful Figs in Turkey and in Cyprus which are one of my favorites. I of course think there is no other fruit like them since the taste is so unique.
    I just think you are the best when it comes to the
    food creations. Figs , they make my Dad happy too. Hope you are doing well, xoxo

  3. Renae, yep fig ‘flowers’ are really in the inside cavity of the fig. And you should make these for your bacon-loving daughter.

    Tina, I believe I owe you a pie-making lesson and then I can hear all about the trip to Cyprus.

    Sarah, you’ve got me drooling. That fig recipe sounds exceptional. It’s on my menu, this weekend.

  4. Sandy, I have a (Vern’s) Brown Turkey fig. It’s a good variety for the Pacific NW, and I really like how it tastes as I just picked my first one. I’ll post a pic shortly. I have one fig that ripens around October 7th, so it’s possible your Brown Turkey still has time.

    Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t ripen this year. Young trees are fickle and not what their mature tree selves are all about. Like some folks, trees get better with age.

  5. I hope they do! I’ve had my violetta du bordeaux and dessert king for 2 years now and gotten 1 fig each tree in that time period.

    I can’t wait to try some fig recipes but it looks like it will have to wait another year…

  6. As far as reruns and remakes go, you can never have enough of a good thing. I could watch Married With Children over, and over, and over…

    Jokes aside, I’ve done something figgy similar with mascarpone and pancetta…this is totally wicked delicious food. I’m envious that you have 2 types of fruit!

  7. I have everything on hand to make this–except FIGS! I do believe Boz and Gracie would have made lovely dinner companions for Julia Child!

  8. Thanks Tom! I don’t have high expectations for the tree this year since it is young (I learned that lesson from my other fruit trees). Here’s hoping the couple of fruit that appear to be progressing nicely make it!

  9. Tom,
    This is a gorgeous appetizer. I am love with figs, as you may already know!
    I have never tried these varities. I only use mission or kadota.
    I am grilling figs w/ Serrano ham and basil for our Labor Day party.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  10. Tom
    This is brilliant! For years, all I knew was the French and Italian wrapping melons and figs with prosciutto; eating it cold with porto. This is much tastier and can be eaten warm and melting! Yum!

  11. Can I blame you? I just finished making and eating these, and I do believe that I’m in love and can already tell it isn’t going to do my waistline any favors.

  12. Figs–I’m so jealous. I only got a few local ones from friends this year. I dehydrate them halfway and they are like candy. The pair of bull dogs are too cute for words! Do they ever steal food or are they too short to reach very high?

  13. Just tried the figs in a blanket recipe and it was great! I was searching for recipes for the first figs off my very first fig tree and I stumbled upon Tall Clover. Beautiful site- I’ll be back!


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