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The Beauty of Gratitude: Thank You

Boz Santa Baby
Handsome Boz embodied the spirit of Christmas spirit everyday. (Lightmark Press)

My year has been marked by the loss of my two favorite furballs: Boz and Gracie. But my year has also been marked by the exceptional, generous and heartfelt remarks, condolences, considerations and well wishes of many of you here on this blog. And for that I thank you. By global standards, my daily gifts are enviable, from simple things like fresh water, and a roof over my head, to the safety net of a giving community, to the love of my family and friends, to beauty of the island where I live.

My wish each day, is that I never take this for granted, that when I flip a switch, there is light, and I marvel; that when I pick up a phone, and say, “Good morning,” to my Mom a coast away, I thank my lucky stars; that when I hurt, I am consoled; that when I plant a seed, it grows; that when I tell a story, it may move a soul to laughter. My gratitude does not end there, for here on my blog, I feel the kindness of new and old friends through the wonder of technology and a little storytelling, and again, I sincerely thank you for that gift.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.


If I may leave you with my thank you in photos, and some of the things that bring me joy and will hopefully touch your heart or make you smile as well.

Dahlia Adagio: Nature’s rich dance
In a clutch:
In a clutch: colorful little miracles
sometimes you have to spell it out
Sometimes you just have to spell it out.
Pie-partisan: a line is drawn.
My favorite
My favorite spring time view
tulips and bulldgos
Boz and Gracie channeling their inner Vermeer ( a favorite photo of mine)


  1. I hope you know the feeling is mutual. Thank you for the joy and pleasure I, and many others I’m sure, derive from you sharing your life through words. Merry Christmas, Tom!

  2. i wish you as merry a xmas as you can have this year and hope that new fur babies enter your wonderful life and home soon. there are some wonderful ones out there that will win the puppy lottery when they are chosen!

  3. Dear Tom, my heart sank when I saw that Gracie has gone. Having lost my most beloved pet companion Timothy two weeks ago, I know how deeply this sadness and loss can cut. What to do? I think we can hope to make life, in whatever ways we are each shown, happier, warmer, safer and brighter for those around us. You have done this so beautifully with your blog. And also, as you have said, to always remember how much we are blessed. I thank you for all you have shared. Merry Christmas and may God bless you. You, Boz and Gracie are in my prayers.

  4. So, so grateful for you, your words, your pictures & your friendship. I for one am filled with gratitude that my year ended in a hug from you dear friend!♡

  5. A lovely message, Tom!
    So sad for you.
    Want to be a foster parent? I know there would be many pooches who would love to come to Camp Tall Clover.
    Much love!

  6. Tom, those are such beautiful words and sentiments. I wish I could say things a well as you. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. You deserve it. Thanks for what you do for us.

  7. Dear Tom,

    Such a beautiful post and heartfelt message of gratitude to remind us. So welcome at this time of the year. Deep gratitude for your love, wisdom, gifts to all your friends, and keeping us close in community.
    Blessings to you~

  8. Your written words are always so eloquent and full of emotion….and your photos could win awards too! I rarely leave replies on any blog but absolutely must let you know that I so enjoy your posts. I often forward them to family. Merry Christmas to you Tom! Now go bake another yummy pie 😏 !

  9. Susan Kaetz left me many gifts and one of my favorites is that she led David and I to you. All the best to you this holiday season Tom. Vashon is a more magical place for having you as her witness. Keep the stories, flowers, pies and smiles coming.

  10. Bless you. I am so sad that both your sidekicks are gone. It doesn’t seem possible. And at the same time I am so happy and feel so lucky to have the good fortune of having my day brightened every time I see you. You are a great-hearted good man, Tom Conway. And I thank my lucky stars.
    Happy Solstice! May the light return and fill you all your days.

  11. You are one of the things I will miss about the island but at least I can stay connected with your wonderful stories and musings about the best of what life has to offer. Wishing you happiness this holiday season. Hope to see you in the new year.

  12. Hi Tom,
    So sorry about the loss of your two fast friends. Their passing so close together reminds me of long married couples who leave this earth within a year of each other. Perhaps Boz and Gracie are together once again in the here-after…
    Warm wishes for the holiday season and may you share it with good friends.

  13. What would the world be like if you hadn’t made the leap across the water to Vashon?
    Look at all the people whose lives are more joyful because you did.
    Merry Christmas.

  14. Tom, I just caught up with your blog and learned of Gracie’s passing. My heart is full, and tears overflow. You know this already, but hearts expand the more they are filled with love. Yours is as big as the whole world, filled with love for your Gracie and Boz, who will reside there forever. They will be there, loving right back at you, whenever you remember them. Peace and blessings to you in the new year, friend.
    Lucy in the Willamette Valley

  15. I am so sorry about your pups. What heartbreak. I’ve been through that with a few dogs, too, and it never gets easier. Happy New Year and I hope there is a new dog in the future for you. 🙂


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